As cyberattacks continue to make headlines across the globe, corporations are racing to decrease their risk against security breaches. The financial damages alone are motivation enough, like the $4 billion in estimated damages created in the fallout of the in 2011 Epsilon hack. Target’s 2013 data breach was estimated to have cost the retailer roughly $116 million in losses. Home Depot, Sony, The U.S Department of Veterans Affairs – all victims of costly data breaches.

If you’re a large corporation, or a small business with a single storefront, there’s something you can learn from the misfortunate of the Fortune 500: Investing in IT operational security is a wise way to spend your dollars. But, there are a lot of choices when it comes to security solutions. That’s where research companies like Forrester come in handy. They collect all the facts and advise potential buyers about the pros and cons of each possible solution.

Recently, the firm published The Forrester Wave: Endpoint Security Suites, Q4 2016. This analyst report focuses on 15 IT security suite providers and how they compare to each other. Recently, I asked Ivanti Chief Security Officer Phil Richards for his honest take on the report:

Q: Why is this report from Forrester such a critical resource for IT security professionals?

A: The Forrester Wave is an important indicator of where the industry is heading. Forrester does an outstanding job of identifying new trends, technologies, innovation and research in the industry verticals that they support. The benchmark benefits customers, vendors and researchers in the space.

Q: What information should IT security solutions buyers be looking for in this report??  

A: There are several big values that customers can get from the Forrester report. Most notably is a great understanding of the product components of the Endpoint Security space.?This market has erupted over the past 5 years.?Products that were competitive 5 years ago would be laggards today, and keeping up with the industry is difficult – even for solution providers in the space.?For customers to familiarize themselves with what features they should expect from their solutions, they need to look at the Forrester research.

Q: What are the key takeaways from Forrester when it comes to endpoint security solutions?  

A: Endpoint Security is a complex space with lots of components that add real value to a customer’s environment.?It would be a mistake to look at products as a point solution (such as anti-virus) only.?There is tremendous value that comes from the integrated platform, and providers that do a better job of integrating these solutions into a single solution will perform better in a customer environment, and will provide better security.

Click below to gain access to The Forrester Wave: Endpoint Security Suites, Q4 2016. Editor’s Note: The Forrester report was published in October, 2016 before LANDESK became Ivanti. LANDESK Security Suite is now Ivanti Security Suite.

Layered security is the whole endpoint