New year, new podcast episode!

In today’s episode, McKay and Steve muse about the possibility of Apple buying Netflix, and the potential ramifications of that. They also go over some of the biggest technology fails of 2017. It’s not all negative, though; they talk about a few of the best technology successes of 2017 as well. They also throw in some predictions for the new year.

Here are a few of the fails and successes they dish about:

Top Tech Fails of 2017

  • Do-it-yourself gene therapy
  • Juicero
  • The Pepsi ad featuring Kendall Jenner
  • K5 crime fighting robot
  • The former Google employee’s memo about why women and men aren't equal
  • Fake social media accounts
  • Tesla Model 3 delays
  • Basically, Uber’s whole year

Top Tech Successes of 2017

  • The rise of the smart home
  • Smart watches becoming mainstream
  • Plans to send Tesla Roadster to Mars

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