Protect your brand, people and data with an end-to-end, zero trust approach 

At Ivanti, we make the Everywhere Workplace possible. Our solutions enable fundamental security controls based on zero trust principles and best practices from cloud to the edge. Translation: we secure all endpoints and help organizations move toward an end-to-end, passwordless access authentication experience.  Plus, we make it simple.  

Ivanti’s vision: unify security and IT operations from cloud to data center and to the edge to drive digital transformation. We believe the traditional separation between security and IT results in higher costs, an inferior user experience, and higher risk. Unlike the security point players, we believe that only by tightly integrating security and IT, can we maximize efficiency, flexibility and business continuity. 

A snapshot of our unique capabilities: 

  •  Discovery of an organization’s assets at the edge. 
  • Comprehensive solutions to manage and secure the edge. 
  • Secure access from the edge to an organization’s applications. 
  • Secure access to data from data center to cloud. 

Ivanti’s seamless approach automates, heals and services this continuous process. 

We start with visibility and robust discovery (Neurons). Every CIO understands that assets at the edge are dynamic, and these endpoints can’t be managed and secured if you do not know they exist or where they exist. 

With visibility and centralized control, Ivanti hardens the endpoint by providing industry-leading: 

  • Secure configuration enforcement.  
  • Patch and vulnerability management.  
  • Application control 
  • Allow and Deny listing. 
  • Least privilege access.  
  • Continuous automation/healing. 

Once the devices are protected, Ivanti provides secure connectivity solutions including traditional virtual private network (VPNs), network access control (NAC) and clientless application access (I.e. zero trust access) for employees and business partners. 

Another area of focus: strong authentication. Because people are predictable and passwords are easy to guess or steal, strong authentication is necessary to reduce risk quickly. Ivanti has a path to take organizations to passwordless authentication with Ivanti’s zero sign-on technology. 

In the Everywhere Workplace, it’s more important than ever to make sure the right users have access to the right assets anytime, anywhere. Over time, traditional VPNs will evolve to ZTA solutions, enforcing a more flexible approach and minimizing unauthorized lateral movement regardless of whether data and applications reside on-premises, in the public cloud or SaaS services.  

This evolution doesn’t have to mean a slash-and-burn approach. Organizations have invested billions in their technology-installed base and need a hybrid approach, where new solutions augment existing infrastructure, safeguards, applications and processes and provide a graceful migration to cloud-based architectures.   

We are here to help make the Everywhere Workplace secure and productive. Ivanti provides the fundamental security solutions that allow our customers to protect what is most important: their people, their brand their people and their data.