“We are surrounded by data but starved for insights.” – Jay Baer

The complexity of warehouse operations in the past few years has increased, with the high demand for better products and services. Managing warehouse processes requires real-time and comprehensive analytics that can provide measurable insights to help businesses make informed decisions. And more than ever, warehouses and distribution centers recognize that top-performing supply chain organizations are driven by data.

Although supply chain businesses may have different preferences as to which key performance indicators (KPIs) are most meaningful to them, there is one common need that everyone shares – eliminating downtime and improving productivity.

Faster, efficient and effective

In order to improve productivity in supply chain, businesses need to optimize processes, reduce costs, monitor process effectiveness and take corrective measures. What if you were able to gather information in real time from your mobile barcode scanners and visualize the KPIs in a meaningful way? Our dashboard display will help you make data-driven decisions for enhanced shipments, inventory management, workforce streamlining and productivity management.

Bring it all together with Operational Insights

You can bring it all together by joining forces with Ivanti Velocity and Neurons for IIoT! These solutions allow the kind of connectivity warehouse operations need for enhanced visibility on picking, replenishing, orders, inventory and transportation management as well as resource planning. Our out-of-the-box offering allows your existing Ivanti Velocity customers the ability to connect with Ivanti Neurons for IIoT platform to start collecting reliable data in real time. Take action to identify areas of improvement, and fix the most common issues that impact warehouse productivity that often go undetected and unreported, such as damaged barcodes, bad barcodes, picking inaccuracy, scanned barcode errors, etc.

You can’t fix what you can’t see

We have good news! You can easily improve your productivity with actionable data from the edge.

Operational Insights will give you what you need to fix common issues immediately and measure the impact of those changes in real time. This type of purview will allow your operation to act today, not next quarter or next year, and you will be able to fix the issues that often go undetected and unreported. With the right actionable insights, you’ll be proactive, not reactive.

4 common challenges resolved in the supply chain warehouse

When it comes to increased demand, heightened productivity and labor shortages, there are obvious commonalities to everyday challenges:

  • Damaged barcodes.
  • Bad barcodes.
  • Tracking productivity and training.
  • Error tracking.

With our Operational Insights offering, customers with Ivanti Velocity can immediately connect to Ivanti Neurons for IIoT to achieve enhanced and customizable data to help mitigate risks and build on what works to help your business thrive.

Leverage automation and optimize to measure results

Whether you are using Terminal Emulation (TE) or Web, you can extend Velocity capabilities to introduce automation and start leveraging device-specific insights that help you measure performance-driven processes. This will result in helping you make decisions that improve warehouse productivity. With Velocity, it’s easy to know what the state of your device is – what data is available, what data isn’t available – all because our Velocity client runs on the device itself without having to modify or replace your backend IT or WMS systems.

Creating an effective supply chain dashboard

With the information in hand, customizing an operational insight dashboard that reflects the critical KPIs and supply chain metrics is crucial. Don’t get left behind! Drive data-driven decisions to streamline your warehouse operations by identifying the most opportune areas of productivity improvement that help you address unique business requirements.

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