We’re thrilled to announce that Greg Berger, Manager, Sales Engineering – Americas has been awarded as one of this year’s “Pros to Know” by Supply & Demand Chain Executive. The award recognizes outstanding executives whose accomplishments offer a roadmap for other leaders looking to leverage supply chain for competitive advantage.

It’s exciting – but not surprising – that Greg received this prestigious award, for which he was chosen from more than 360 nominations, the most Supply & Demand Chain Executive has ever received. We know Greg to be an absolute superstar, and we’re proud that he’s receiving this well-deserved recognition. Greg joined Ivanti Wavelink in 2006, where he began as a Field Sales Engineer, focusing on partner and channel sales in the Eastern US, Mexico and Canada. He currently serves as the SE Manager of the Americas at Ivanti Wavelink and has achieved President’s Club an incredible five out of eight times since he joined the Ivanti Wavelink team.

Greg’s background in systems integration allows him to fully understand the challenges of a product, as opposed to simply selling the product, and help customers integrate a product into their ecosystem of solutions. Greg consults with customers to help them see the bigger picture of their supply chain ecosystem and is a trusted advisor to all the customers with whom he works.

Greg joined NACO Electronics in 1987 where he began his career in systems integration as an Area Field Service Manager. Fast forward to today, and he now has more than 30 years of experience in the supply chain industry. He has not only established a reputation as a great person to work with, for both colleagues and customers, but continually finds new ways to push the envelope and redefine what it means to be a supply chain professional. He has a diverse set of experiences in leadership roles including presales integration, service and solutions, and presales systems integration and design; he also holds numerous manufacturer and warehouse management certifications.

As part of the nomination, Greg was asked to share some of his insights on the supply chain industry and its challenges. His responses offer a wealth of actionable information that can help other supply chain professionals benefit from his depth and breadth of experience.

What do you believe to be the key challenges facing your customers and their supply chains in the year ahead, and how are you working to meet those challenges?

Customers, regardless of industry, are facing a constant demand for greater efficiency and accuracy from consumers, despite a diminished supply chain, labor shortages and a reduced budget. In the year ahead, customers will be tasked with continuing to provide pre-pandemic levels of production to adjust for disruptions with supply and increased demand. Additionally, customers will need to keep up with evolving technologies to make the supply chain more efficient, while accounting for a limited budget.

To help alleviate these challenges, my team works directly with our customers to review their current supply chain processes and technologies to point out process improvements to improve efficiency and productivity. For example, I recently worked with a retail warehouse customer who received notice of a decreased budget of 15% over three years. Despite the reduced budget, the customer still needed to upgrade systems to achieve the company’s warehouse initiatives. To prove Ivanti Wavelink’s return on investment with their customer, our team reviewed and pointed out specific process improvements to accommodate a lowered budget — this included pointing out process improvements that no longer required Ivanti Wavelink. These improvements helped customers achieve greater savings by cutting costs where possible. My team was able to strengthen our business relationship and demonstrate our value as supply chain consultants to a valuable customer.

What are some things you have done in the last year that have helped shape the supply chain?

In the past year, I worked with a wide variety of over 250 customers and partners in industries ranging from transportation and logistics to retail. I provide daily consultations on all of Ivanti Wavelink’s products and the customers’ ecosystem of solutions, logging more than 600 calls since the start of the year. Ivanti Wavelink products are productivity-focused; however, they are designed in a way to integrate with other solutions. I consult with customers on how Wavelink products increase productivity, accuracy and safety, as well as how they integrate with existing solutions to reduce costs.

My team and I provide valuable insights for our customers in the supply chain industry and have been asked by companies such as Zebra and Barcoding, Inc. to offer advice on customer approach. I participated in Zebra’s on-location interview series to share my expertise when it comes to customers, as well as learn from other supply chain experts. I also participated in Barcoding, Inc.’s Geek Tank series at their customer-facing event to promote solutions for industry-wide challenges in the supply chain. 

In your opinion, what is your role in helping customers better align with a company's broader supply chain strategy?

With my background in systems integration, I’m able to help customers better understand their supply chain ecosystem and align with their own company’s broader supply chain strategy. I aim to become my customers’ most trusted advisor when it comes to supply chain technology. On top of helping customers globally understand Ivanti Wavelink’s products, my team and I also help 7,500+ of Ivanti’s customers to better understand their entire ecosystem of technology and solutions through daily consultations. This allows customers to fully understand their networks and systems to improve efficiency and reliability. I help customers become comfortable and familiar with their myriad solutions and help them build a best-of-breed system, empowering them to enhance their broader supply chain strategy.

What is your favorite part of your job?

When I worked in systems integration, my favorite part of my job was being involved in every aspect of discovery, design, proof of concept, implementation, training and support. I particularly enjoy seeing a concept grow from an idea to being successfully implemented. As an SE Manager, my favorite part of the job is being part of the larger Ivanti Wavelink team and seeing the fruits of the team’s labor pay off. The broader team has worked with more than 30,000 customers globally, including top supply chain companies and retailers, to help them execute their supply chain initiatives. I still enjoy seeing an idea go from ideation to execution and being a part of the process to streamline the supply chain for customers.

Please join us in congratulating Greg on being named one of the “Pros to Know.”