Greetings. This edition of the Update is devoted to resources designed to help you and your enterprise cope with Petya, the latest worldwide ransomware attack. As always, please let me know what you think, about Petya, ransomware, cybersecurity, and/or this Update. Thanks in advance.

Petya: Like WannaCry, but Different

The latest Petya ransomware attack variant has affected systems and enterprises around the world, similarly to its best-known immediate predecessor, WannaCry. Petya first surfaced as ransomware in 2016. However, as The Verge reported, this latest variant may have been designed for purposes other than simply separating affected enterprises from their data and money. Some experts argue that Petya is actually an attack on Ukraine by a nation state, disguised as traditional ransomware.

What We Say: Whatever its purpose, this latest, more advanced Petya attack has affected systems at commercial and government enterprises in multiple countries beyond Ukraine. In addition, and perhaps more important, Petya, with its similarities to WannaCry and occurrence so soon after that attack, is yet another clarion call for more and better cybersecurity. Increasingly, ransomware attacks are about much more than demands for money to unlock your systems and data. While the money here hasn’t panned out, the malware is designed to spread from a single system with its ransom message to your entire network—rapidly. That’s where the real danger lies.

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