In today’s press release, we announced the extension of our partnership with Avast Business. Avast Business will be incorporating Ivanti Security Controls Advanced SDK for Ivanti OEM partners to offer patch management functionality through Avast Business CloudCare.

This incorporation will automate and simplify the patch remediation process. This component of the Avast CloudCare layered security platform enables small businesses and managed security service providers to take advantage of enterprise-grade app protection on a budget, alongside endpoint protection, cloud backup and network security.

From Mark Stevens, vice president of strategic alliances and OEM, Ivanti:

“Together Ivanti and Avast Business are helping enterprises defend against modern cyberattacks, which can be costly and damaging. By integrating an industry leading Ivanti patch management technology into the Avast Business security platforms, we have been working to help ensure SMBs can simplify their critical patch management process to prevent risk and exposure.”

The following patch management features powered by Ivanti are available through the Avast Business Management Console and CloudCare.

  • Flexible deployment schedules: IT teams can schedule and deploy approved patches at desired times on a regular basis, or manually deploy to groups or individual devices.
  • Automatic scans: IT can schedule patch scans to run automatically every 24 hours and set patches to deploy automatically on the same day each week. These default settings can be customized at any time.
  • Intuitive dashboard: This allows businesses to manage all software patches and view graphical summaries of installed, missing, or failed patches from any device.
  • Customizable patches: IT can choose software vendors, products and the severity of patches to scan and install, and easily create exclusions for applications.
  • Master agent capabilities: This enables businesses to download all missing patches to a master agent that seamlessly distributes patches to all managed devices in the network.
  • Patch scan results: Teams can view detailed results from the management platform that includes information on missing patches, severity levels, knowledge base links, release dates, descriptions, and more.
  • Advanced reporting: This helps to easily determine the health and security of device software with a variety of easily configurable reports.
  • Thousands of patches: Teams can deploy patches for Windows Operating Systems and thousands of other third-party software applications for comprehensive protection.

From Filip Hlinka, vice president of SMB management, Avast Business:

“It’s never been more important for businesses to keep on top of vulnerability management. New threats are emerging every day and small and medium-sized businesses are a prime target, especially during this pandemic. With a growing remote workforce and increasing threats, businesses need to keep on top of patching security flaws, as well as have oversight of the security of all business devices. Partnering with Ivanti allows us to provide enterprise-grade technology that is tailored for the patch management needs of small to mid-size enterprises. As a key component of the Avast Business CloudCare platform, we are truly delivering an all-in-one cybersecurity offering for small businesses that automates the entire vulnerability management cycle across endpoints, accelerating the ability for organizations to respond to threats and prevent data breaches.”

Ivanti patch management technology for OEM partners, marketed as Ivanti® Security Controls SDK, is provided to partners through a series of SDKs that allow rapid integration of a complete patch management solution into existing security solutions. These SDKs cover the patch management lifecycle from endpoint assessment to patch packaging to patch deployment. This allows Avast Business to deliver a full application security solution with patch content that covers Windows OS, MacOS and Linux variants as well as thousands of third-party applications. To learn more visit: