With advances in technology, the digital workspace of the future is becoming increasingly mobile. More devices are being added and more applications are being introduced as organizations seek to increase productivity and efficiency. But we’re paying the price for this convenience when it comes to security.

Hackers are loving these advances in digital business. Cyber thieves are lured by the potential payout associated with stealing sensitive information from your organization. As cyberattacks increase in size and severity, companies are searching for IT security solutions to protect their networks.

In response to this demand, research firm Forrester is helping to provide some insight on the wide-range of IT security solutions on the market. In October of 2016, they published The Forrester Wave: Endpoint Security Suites, Q4 2016. It’s an honest and in-depth guide on the top 15 endpoint security suites available. Ivanti (then LANDESK) is proud to have been selected as one of the leading providers of endpoint security solutions.

Ivanti IT security expert and product manager, Chris Goettl, recently shared his thoughts on The Forrester Wave in the following question and answer session.

Q: What insights can IT security professionals gain from The Forrester Wave? 

A: Gauging where the industry is heading can be very difficult. Forrester has the ability to speak to many vendors and companies to get an unfiltered view of an industry segment.?From there they can see, with much more clarity, trends and challenges that the industry is facing.

Q: What’s the big takeaway from this report that potential buyers need to know??  

A: Endpoint Security is a rapidly changing space. Looking at the latest Forrester Wave report, a buyer should see that the requirements have changed significantly and the big players from 5 years ago are, in many ways, lagging behind in today’s space.

Q: Forrester’s take may be different from other analyst reports. What’s your message for buyers who are looking to collect as much information as possible? 

A: I think one of the biggest issues with an assessment like this is that is interoperability is still critically important. You should not only look for the stronger players in the space, but the players who play well with other solutions. Combinations of the stronger players are a much more effective strategy where you can pick the strengths of multiple vendors and present the most effective set of solutions.?This has been a strong part of the Ivanti strategy.?We provide a broad and effective layered defense approach and partner with additional security solutions that strengthen our strategy.

Layered security is the whole endpoint