We’re back with another episode of Ivanti Insights where I spoke with Chris Goettl, VP of Product Management. This week we talked about some of the news making the biggest headlines in cybersecurity. Topics included the recent critical flaw found in Apple devices, how hackers are using remote code execution to mine for cryptocurrency, and how the SolarWinds hackers may be making a comeback.

Some highlights about the topics we discussed were:

  • How hackers were able to infiltrate Apple devices without the device owner knowing.
  • How a remote code execution was used to exploit a security flaw and turn compromised systems into crypto miners.
  • Finally, Chris helped us understand what happens when hacking groups go away after being exposed and return for a comeback!

Check out the full episode below to learn more about each topic we covered and while you’re at it we’ve included all of our past episodes too in case you missed anything.