In this episode of Ivanti Insights we sat down with Phil Richards, Vice President & Chief Security Officer at Ivanti and we discussed this month’s edition of CSO Magazine which focused on the “R” word in security: Ransomware.

How serious is ransomware and how can companies and people maneuver a digital world where this exists? 

With ransomware on the rise, costing businesses an average of $200,000 with a whopping 15 days of inoperability, companies are beginning to demonstrate their willingness to pay a quarter of a million dollars if it means back in business in fewer than 15 days. But is it really back to business as usual? CSO Magazine predicts that by 2021 the cost of a ransomware attack will rise to $20B. We are here to tell you there is always something we can do about it.

Ivanti Insights on Preventing Ransomware Attacks

  • Focus on your main line of defense: This is your employees and the social engineering of email phishing and malicious email links.
  • Unpatched means unsafe: Ensure all your solutions are patched and up to date. It’s critical.
  • Passwords are not overrated: The credential management space is transforming, however password capabilities from multi-factor authentication to password strength will continue to play a significant role in security.

There are plenty more insights and education to follow in this episode of Ivanti Insights so listen to the full episode below.

We also asked the Vice President & Chief Security Officer at Ivanti what keeps him up at night as a CSO in terms of security education and awareness of all the users within the company. So be sure to listen to the full episode to find out what Phil Richards had to say.

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