Encourage BYOD without creating IT FUBAR

ManagiBYODng mobile apps for users has never been simpler

With Enterprise Mobility Management, administrators can manage both in-house enterprise apps and third party apps from stores such as iTunes or Google Play. Apps can be installed and removed based on smart policies that target users by role, location, device type, or other criteria as needed. Apps can also published to a self-service portal, remotely configured, and managed via Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP).

Smarter file delivery to mobile devices—without compromising security

In order to be productive, workers need access to many sensitive documents and media files on their mobile devices. But companies must ensure the confidentiality and security of those files. If they don’t, they risk data theft, non-compliance, and a host of other issues.

Bring out the full capabilities in your Android devices

Not all versions of Android are created equal. Samsung offers an extensive management framework, SAFE, to give administrators granular control over hardware, app, and OS configurations on managed devices. Additionally, Samsung offers an innovative containerization technology, KNOX, that enables you to effectively create an entirely separate workspace via a virtual device on managed phones or tablets.