AppSense and RES were two of Citrix’s longest-standing partners. For years the two product lines have focused on delivering an exceptional user experience, whether along the lines of multi-user computing or desktop virtualization.

Around two years ago, Ivanti acquired AppSense to help propel the organization into the world of VDI. In the middle of last year, Ivanti acquired RES, thus rounding off its offering. With the technology from both of these leading UWM organizations now within the Ivanti portfolio, customers are able to get an unparalleled platform to help them deliver project success.

Unified IT

Ivanti’s mission statement is one of Unified IT, which is the bringing together of an array of tools needed to manage a rich and diverse environment into a single platform. With roots leading back to the 80s, Ivanti has had a long, successful history of managing computing assets. Over the many years, the business has evolved to match the growing complexity of the enterprise IT environment. At the same time, Citrix has long been industry leaders at delivering desktops and applications to users, connecting users with their resources--whether they are in the same building or miles above the earth in space.

In the early days of RES and AppSense, the organizations built technology to address customer challenges not addressed by Citrix or Microsoft. Challenges such as user profile roaming, slow login scrips, application compatibility and contextual policy management. Over the years, some of these challenges have been addressed by either Microsoft at the operating system level, or Citrix as part of their delivery platform. As such IT can now to to tackle other issues. Like Citrix, Ivanti also continues to advance the AppSense and RES technologies by integrating it with additional endpoint management capabilities or expanding the automation capabilities to allow IT a more hands-off approach.

IT environments are always in a state of flux with ever-changing user expectations and requirements. As such, look to vendors who can not only offer solid platforms, but who can show a consistent ability to adapt and innovate to keep up with their demands. Through constant collaboration, a strong partnership, and a drive to deliver an exceptional experience, Citrix and Ivanti continue to be a better solution--especially when together.

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