This post originally appeared on the RES blog before the company was acquired by Ivanti in July 2017.

We’re more than a week out from joining the Ivanti family, and we wanted to discuss the acquisition a bit more fully on our blog platform.

Why are we becoming part of something bigger?

To become part of a pace-setting organization in technology

In order to keep up with the rapid technological changes of the market, we needed to unite with an organization that was adapting and moving forward. “[This acquisition] really fits into our vision of unified IT,” says Steve Morton, CMO of Ivanti. To better serve our customers, partners, and the market with enhanced end-user computing, unifying IT – bringing the capabilities of RES and Ivanti together – just made sense.

To further break down IT’s silos 

“[IT departments] are fundamentally siloed,” says Morton, “We need to break down those silos, and this technology helps us with that.” It’s common for IT departments to form in silos, enabling low visibility across various areas of the IT infrastructure. At RES, we’ve been capable of breaking down those barriers within IT, but with Ivanti, we can reach a more global and innovative market, allowing us to further unify IT to enhance the end-user experience.

To allow our automation technology to shine

Steve Daly, Ivanti CEO says of RES, “Where most of the growth in the company has come recently is in their automation technology.”

Recognized by our customers, partners, and the market as an automation engine, the RES solution will be best served by joining with a company large enough to further enhance our automation technology. Onboarding and offboarding, provisioning, deprovisioning, and making contextual changes to the infrastructure are made efficient with RES automation but more innovative within the Ivanti family.

To further enhance our integrations

We have more than a dozen Tech Alliance Partners and offer Automation Connectors for widely-used and loved enterprise IT products. With a larger and continually growing company like Ivanti, we can use these integrations to greater effect, widening our ability to automate all of the infrastructure within the market.

To continue focusing on the customer  

A huge part of what made RES unique was our focus on the customer. “The customer closeness was impressive,” says Daly. With Ivanti and its global presence, our customer base will grow and change, but we will always keep our commitment to our customers as priority #1.

To expand our geographical reach with a truly global organization

Ivanti brings a true global perspective to the market. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah – dubbed ‘the next Silicon Valley’ by the New York Times – Ivanti serves customers from Australia to Brazil, from China to Los Angeles, from India to Moscow. With their international sensibilities, our market will expand, taking on the global focus we strove for.

To become part of a world-class organization, its many people and expertise

As a small software company, our talent to work with customers, develop unique technology, and market ourselves and our brand has shown. But with Ivanti, a company of over 2,000 emploees working in 36 offices in 23 countries, our employees’ abilities and expertise will be right at home. We’re ready to begin innovating and moving forward as part of the Ivanti family!

To see Ivanti’s sister blog post and to watch Ivanti CEO Steve Daly and CMO Steve Morton talk about the acquisition, visit: