The mobile revolution has changed the way many workers perform their jobs.

A smartphone or tablet can provide many of the tasks once exclusively limited to a desktop. This has created an even greater remote workforce, one that is able to interact with customers and coworkers from anywhere.

This concept isn’t lost on IT organizations, who are adapting to serve this mobile revolution.

The mobile revolution

According to a recent survey conducted by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), 40 percent of respondents said their ITSM operation supported a mix of desktop and mobile devices. Respondents indicated that the top challenge for mobile endpoint lifecycle management was understanding all endpoint costs on a per-owner basis for mobile and non-mobile.

Another sticking point was data, which EMA found is a key metric of optimizing IT for financial performance. Data is a broad term. EMA reveals that successful organizations are able to sort the good data from the bad in order to make more valued decisions.

The survey showed that workers spend, on average, about 10 hours a week resolving data accuracy issues. Those who considered themselves ‘extremely successful’ in optimizing IT for financial performance spent as much as 25 hours per week reconciling data from different sources. According to EMA, this shows that data management is critical, but there is serious room for improvement due to a lack of tools to help organizations achieve this.

Businesses are also finding savings in Green IT where desktop power consumption, VDI power efficiencies, and data center power consumption were the top three priorities. IoT trends followed suit, with many organization’s ITAM operations dedicated to lowering utility and power costs, followed by building and facilities costs.

As for future investments, those who responded to the EMA survey said their organization was eyeing the following financial optimization initiatives in the next year:

1. Workflow/automation for processes linking IT and business
2. IT financial planning analytics
3. Executive dashboards for sharing information with IT
4. IT governance analytics targeting ITSM efficiencies
5. Executive dashboards/reporting between IT and business stakeholders

EMA points that these results show many organizations are looking to the above solutions to unify IT and use that information to influence business-related decisions. See how Ivanti can help maximize the value of your IT and save money with award-winning solutions and products.

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