In this episode of the Interchange IT Podcast, we interview Michael Kersey and Dallin Hudson, two members of the Ivanti IT team. We talk about their experience, the most common questions they get, and tech news.

We also dive into a lot of IT horror stories and dumb questions. Here are some of the best stories:

  • Someone sent a request saying they received an error message on one of his emails. He sent a screenshot of the error message, which had the steps to fix it. He asked, “How do I fix this?” and Dallin literally just highlighted the steps in the error message and sent it back to him.
  • While one of their IT colleagues was out, they flipped the screen image upside down. When he got back, instead of asking what was wrong or trying to fix the problem, he flipped the physical computer monitor upside-down and kept working.
  • A woman brought in her computer to get her data transferred. Something went wrong when backing up the computer and she lost three months worth of data. Yikes.
  • Dallin’s boss asked him to fix his monitor, which wasn’t working. Dallin clicked the power button and it turned on.

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