In today’s episode of the Interchange IT Podcast, McKay and Steve are reunited after a work trip in London. They share their travel stories and love of London, it’s pretty precious.

Later, they are joined by Chris Goettl, Manager of Product Management for Security at Ivanti. Goettl is a bit of a celebrity. He is the host of the monthly Patch Tuesday Analysis webinar, a webinar that gets over 1000 registrants each month (you can register for the next one here).

They start with a lightning round, where they discuss the legitimacy of the Star Wars Machete Order theory and then make a 180 and discuss the merits of the new Beauty and the Beast movie.

The podcast continues with Goettl going into the origins of Patch Tuesday and his attempt to bring order to the chaos of the second Tuesday of every month. He gives a sneak peek into the Patch Tuesday team and the effort they put into the monthly analysis and webinar.

They move on to discussing IT security. Goettl gives his take on crazy exploits this year, such as the Shadowbrokers, WannaCry, NotPetya, and the most recent Bluetooth exploits. It basically feels like this year has been one long James Bond movie. They dive into the implications of weaponized malware and why it’s such a big deal.

They move on to discussing the future and what people can do to make things better, from education on phishing scams to patching. They wrap things up by talking about the level of security knowledge that IT professionals should have to expand their career opportunities. Stay tuned until the end, Goettl drops the craziest security breach near-miss story you’ve ever heard.

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