We all know that new challenges pop up every day, every week and every year that passes by – if we don’t keep up, we will be left behind. This is especially true with technology. What you purchased to solve yesterday’s challenges, won’t always solve tomorrows. Then, take the thought a step further to the area of Identity and Access Management (IAM) where this couldn’t ring more true. Every organization should take a hard look at their IAM strategy that they have in place today and ask themselves if it will continue to meet their needs through the next five years.

The IAM solution you purchased in the past probably met basic requirements at that time, but it might not effectively address what you are facing right now or the challenges you anticipate in the future. In today’s digital era there are new challenges that can complicate your access strategy: BYOD, shadow IT, cloud sprawl, compliance, and ransomware to name a few. If you are not 100% confident that you effective at overcoming those challenges, it is time to take a new approach not just to IAM, but to modernize your overall security strategy.

You might be wondering what your new approach should be? The answer is easy. You can spend a lot of time and money on the same old technology, but you might be forgetting to consider one of the most important aspects of your business. Your people!

Here at Ivanti, we believe that a company's biggest asset is its people. That is exactly why it has resulted in us building unique solutions with a people-centric approach to securing the digital workspace.

So what makes the Ivanti people-centric approach different?

  1. Protect against external and internal threats
    Ivanti combines access controls, granular file-based whitelisting/blacklisting and read-only blanketing to limit admin privileges and prevent malware from being executed. Ivanti can secure apps, websites, data, printers and IP connections, as well as USB removable storage devices.
  2. Manage security with automated identity management
    Ivanti manages the entire identity lifecycle to ensure that security controls are maintained at all times. Automate the delivery of apps and services based on identity or policy, enabling secure worker onboarding and optimal provisioning for the IT organization. Because Ivanti manages identities thorough a consolidated identity store connected into HR, project management and other systems, access will change automatically if a worker changes roles or leaves.
  3. Drive worker productivity through secure access
    Ivanti drives worker productivity through secure access, so organizations can achieve the right balance of keeping digital workspaces secure and enabling workers to be productive from anywhere and from any device. Ivanti keeps the digital workspace secure, while providing a web portal and mobile app to give IT a face to the business and to automate the delivery and removal of access to apps and services based on policy and approvals.
  4. Improve governance and ensure compliance
    Regulations continue to get stricter and new regulations are being adopted on a regular basis. This causes increased pressure to comply with security regulations and protect critical information from attacks. Ivanti helps achieve compliance by tracking who has access to what data to ease the external or internal auditing process and prove that controls are in place.

The digital era is upon us, and now is your time to make a change to align your access management strategy to your digital workforce.