I recently visited one of the world’s emerging biotech companies who pioneer solutions in rare disease therapies.

The company has asked that we not share their name for privacy reasons.

Hardware and software asset management

Aside from the task of developing new and groundbreaking treatment options, one of the main challenges the company faced was how to effectively manage their hardware and software assets.

A recent merger increased their global workforce to 25,000 to 30,000 employees. It also brought with it a number of new devices and software, all being managed by a singular IT asset management team.

One of their greatest challenges was managing all those ‘new’ assets, a task they used to do within spreadsheets and various point products. It’s not the most accurate approach, and it could potentially expose them to serious security threats.

Ivanti solutions

With solutions from Ivanti, they’ve been able to gain a deeper knowledge of what assets they have, where they’re located, and most importantly, how they’re performing.

These same solutions are also helping them shore up their IT security. Devices that potentially contain pirated software can open the door to malware, leading to costly data breaches that can permanently damage a company’s bottom line and reputation.

Ivanti Security Suite features application whitelisting and blacklisting – preventing users from putting their organization at risk.

With Ivanti Asset Central, they’re in the process of discovering and inventorying their assets in order to gain visibility on each device connected to the company’s network and the software on those devices. It’s the first step in a global ITAM strategy and a crucial task when preparing for the inevitable audit.

Previously, their IT asset management team was making software and hardware purchases based solely on requests. They’re now using Ivanti Asset Intelligence to track software installations and usage, a move that allowed them to reclaim $100,00 in software licensing.

They now know exactly what has been purchased, installed, and used. With this information, they’re able to reduce costs and better negotiate with vendors.

Many organizations are following suit, as software companies realize just how lucrative audits can prove to be.

Tracking the lifecycle of employees and their devices is also critical in the highly-regulated field of biotechnology. Having comprehensive onboarding/offboarding procedures will ensure sensitive information like patient data or proprietary assets are secure and won’t be leaked.

More benefits

The switch to Ivanti has also made generating reports simpler. Before Ivanti, it took a lot of research and work hours to generate a report on a specific topic. Now, Ivanti’s solutions allow for the instant creation of comprehensive reports across a wide-range of subsets within the ITAM structure.

The scalability and customization of tools like Ivanti Asset Central and Xtraction allow users to drag and drop the information that’s most important to them, making for an easy-to-read to display.

The benefits extend beyond the core IT team. Ivanti Workspaces allows everyone from C-level to front office staff, gain visibility into their network based on their role within an organization.

Installing Ivanti Asset Central in their environment was a breeze. One software asset manager said it was the smoothest transition he’d experienced in his two decades in the industry. They’re incredibly satisfied with the support they received from Ivanti and the products we’ve provided.

So what’s next? The company is looking to use Ivanti to automate certain processes within their IT workflow. It’s a time saving move that will allow them to focus on more important mission goals. Why not join them?

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