Managing compliance with IBM licensing is a minefield and can easily lead to confusion and unplanned costs.

The constant evolution of IBM license models is a challenge to all IT stakeholders. Staying one step ahead can be time-consuming, resource-heavy, and costly, especially when dealing with all the licensing complexities that IBM brings with it.

You may be asking some or all of the following questions:

  • Can we be fully compliant with the IBM license agreements?
  • Are we using all the IBM software products that are deployed?
  • Can we achieve maximum usage from our existing investment in IBM Software?
  • We’ve received notification of an IBM license audit. What do we need to do?
  • We have Passport Advantage can we still use License Optimizer for Clients and Servers to manage my compliance?
  • We have deployed ILMT for sub capacity but have no idea of our current position
  • We don’t want to use ILMT, what are the alternatives?

Comprehensive IBM Coverage

Ivanti has taken IBM license management to the next level. License Optimizer for Clients and Servers both have a comprehensive set of IBM license metrics and associated algorithms. Combined with our services team’s knowledge of IBM licensing, we can support all elements of IBM Licensing and for all environments.

Furthermore, License Optimizer for Clients and Servers have been independently verified to produce accurate IBM license compliance reporting in our clients.

License Optimizer for Clients and Servers

Ivanti IT asset management keeps you ahead of the curve, supporting the most advanced licensing regimes in the software market from metric tracking to analysis and modelling. Complex regimes are most prevalent in the datacenter where clustering and virtualization are widely deployed.

License Optimizer for Clients and Servers offers plain language explanations. It even tracks cloud-based software, providing evidence of performance issues, or discovering unauthorized usage (‘shadow IT’).

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