If you’ve written a memo, created a report, built a presentation deck, tracked statistics, or sent an email – then you are part of a club that has 1.2 billion members.

That’s not a typo. It’s estimated that 1.2 billion people worldwide use Microsoft Office. It raises the question, has Microsoft issued 1.2 billion licenses for its suite of productivity tools? Possibly, but highly unlikely. Microsoft, along with many other software vendors almost count on this fact.

The dreaded software audit

Per itassetmanagement.net, the global commercial value of unlicensed software is roughly $60 billion. To recoup some of that lost revenue, vendors come knocking with audits - hunting to see how many licenses organizations have versus what they’re using. If you’re on the wrong side of that number, it could cost you.

The real cost of failing a software audit

So what does your organization stand to lose if faced with a software audit? Here’s some figures from industry experts:

  • Informationweek.com reports the average license true-up cost for companies with more than $50 million in revenue is roughly $263,000.
  • According to CIO.com, 52% of organizations report that losses from using unlicensed software added up to more than 10% of their entire revenue.

Research from Gartner reveals that 68% of organizations can expect to be served with an audit in the next 12 months. This is why it’s critical to know and understand your effective license position.

No worries, we’ve got you

What if you didn’t have to worry about Microsoft’s complex licensing rules? It’s one less burden when you’re working on more important initiatives like migrating to Windows 10.

Stay focused and trust us with the tedious stuff. Ivanti License Optimizer for Clients or Servers lets you:

  • Get an insanely accurate picture of your current hardware and software estate. 
  • Assign licenses intelligently across your entire organization, a specific business unit, or individual machines.
  • Apply historic license purchases in modern environments.
  • Use current licensing models to reduce liability for legacy solutions.
  • Optimize your current solution design to reduce costs, drive efficiency and plan for future growth.
  • Manage subscriptions and contracts along with aiding true-up or renewal negotiations.

Our bread and butter

At Ivanti, we’re obsessed user-centered IT. Our IT asset management solutions help IT professionals put the right software into the right hands at the right time – saving time and money.

Find out how we can help you effectively manage and optimize your Microsoft and other 3rd party software solutions. Click here to get started with a free demo of Ivanti License Optimizer for Clients or Servers.