Delivering on our Strategy 

If you have been watching Ivanti this year, you have seen that we are delivering on our commitment to make the Everywhere Workplaces possible by providing our customers more robust solutions to discover, manage, secure and service their IT assets. We have been doing this organically, we rolled out our Ivanti Neurons hyper-automated platform last July, and we have also added to the platform’s capabilities and value with acquisitions. Our latest acquisition, RiskSense is a pioneer in risk-based vulnerability management and prioritization and is bolstering one of our three pillars – Security.  

As the global workforce has become more dispersed in the last year, there has also been an increase in cyber attacks and ransomware, placing an ever-increasing importance on security. Business and government leaders are struggling to stay ahead of these attacks costing valuable time and resources not to mention stress and sleepless nights.  

By acquiring RiskSense, Ivanti is adding a more sophisticated approach to our already proven process. We know unpatched vulnerabilities remain one of the common points of entry for cyberattacks. With the RiskSense addition, our customers will be able to take a more proactive, risk-based approach to patch management and reduce their exposure to cyber threats while also decreasing the time it takes to take action. And, we can all recognize how critical time can be in a ransom or cyber scenario.   

Srinivas Mukkamala, who is joining our Ivanti team, was the RiskSense CEO and has a passion for fighting these cyber bullies and a vision for what was possible for decreasing the exposure for organizations. Together, RiskSense and Ivanti will help customers raise the bar to defend against these increasing threats. Ivanti has already integrated the RiskSense Vulnerability Intelligence and Vulnerability Risk Rating into Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence, which prioritizes and quantifies adversarial risk based on factors such as threat intelligence, in-the-wild exploit trends, and security analyst validation. This feature is currently available to Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence customers who also have RiskSense licenses.  

Summer of Security 

The RiskSense acquisition is another proof point in Ivanti’s Summer of Security and our renewed commitment to protecting our customers from these increased and more sophisticated cyber threats. We believe in the Everywhere Workplace and that by working together we can keep every business protected.  

Learn more about the RiskSense acquisition and Ivanti’s commitment to keep your organization protected through the Summer of Security.