Microsoft has delayed the release of this month’s security updates.  Just minutes before the scheduled updates release, they provided a short statement on TechNet announcing a delay.  No new timeline has been provided for the February updates but we will continue monitoring the situation and provide an update on the blog and in a bulletin to our customers when we learn more.

As announced last month, Microsoft will revise it’s 12-year old security bulletin system to the new Security Update Guide approach.   This new tool provides a dashboard and API for users to search for needed updates for all products by unique vulnerability IDs or knowledge base article IDs.  Security bulletin IDs will no longer be used though past bulletins will remain online for your reference and use as needed. One important item to note: the software maker says they will continue to issue out-of-band patch notifications as required although they opted not to do that when news of a SMB flaw zero-day broke on February 3. The vulnerability has yet to be patched.

For more, visit the frequently asked questions to the Security Update Guide.