This post originally appeared on the RES blog before the company was acquired by Ivanti in July 2017.

All software companies get asked the same question by prospects and customers, “Why should we choose you?” In my years working in software, I have learned that not only do you have to have a clear, concise answer, but must have real customer examples to back it up. That 's what today’s blog is all about. I would like to share the details of one of our new case studies that specifically describes our automation and compliance project with one of our customers, Neisa Denmark.

Neisa Denmark is one of Denmark’s oldest and largest IT service providers. They provide nationwide IT services on products from most leading manufacturers of business devices, retail and back office equipment, and printing solutions. The Neisa support staff handles over 60,000 support cases per year, so having the right technologies in place is key to providing the highest quality services and support to their customers.


Neisa’s key challenge was supporting their large customer base with a set number of resources. Also, because of the nature of their business, customer satisfaction and security was of the highest priority. They wanted to exceed their SLAs by resolving customer issues quickly and effectively.

Another key initiative was developing their GDPR compliance strategy – they planned to not only utilize RES to help them get GDPR compliant themselves, but to help their customers meet the data protection standards as well.


Neisa believed that RES provides real business value that translates into resource and cost savings. They purchased RES to manage their customer workspaces and to automate manual tasks such as provisioning desktops, managing updates, and customizing devices to have the correct apps and settings. Preben Duus Jorgensen, CEO at Neisa, stated that RES is a key pillar of their business strategy.


  • Reduced service calls by 60% through automation – RES helped Neisa preserve their number of helpdesk staff required to support their growing customer base, reduce operational costs while still improving the response time for their customers, and ensure security policies are maintained. Several factors helped to reduce their number of service calls. One of the most impactful was by automating over 200 individual tasks that were once manual – such as the provisioning of devices and apps, resetting passwords to maintain security, updating software versions, routine maintenance, etc.
  • Streamlined management of decentralized networks – Neisa found themselves in a situation where they had to provide services and support to a retail organization with over 300 locations, all with decentralized and unconnected networks. Without RES, Neisa would have had to send out a technician to support each of those locations. Neisa utilized with RES in their solution to take control of each device and ensure everything was available and updated. With RES in place on each device, Neisa found that they could provide immediate IT support, updates and quality service to those customers — no matter where they were located.
  • Preparation for GDPR compliance – In preparation for the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) that go into effect in May 2018, Neisa has put the appropriate measures in place to make sure they are compliant, utilizing the RES solution as the anchor. With RES, Neisawill be in a good position to not only be compliant themselves, but help their customers meet the data protection standards as well by ensuring access controls are in place and data security is maintained. They believe that GDPR compliance will be a big challenge for their customers in the future. In fact, Neisa expects the pressure of GDPR to double their number of customers in the years to come.


Neisa understands that challenges such as identity and access management, BYOD, and context-aware security are here to stay. That’s why they plan to do even more to help their customers address those challenges in the future. Neisa is working closely with RES to expand how they provide value to their customers through the purchase of the RES ONE Enterprise solution.

If you would like to learn more about our project with Neisa Denmark, I invite you to read the full case study or contact your area RES representative.