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The IT Journey: Where You Are, Where You're Going, and How Ivanti Can Help You Get There

Every day I speak to professionals in the IT industry about improving IT performance. Whether it’s increasing tracking of purchased assets, or simply handling requests for new assets and services, one common theme is consistent: Everyone knows where they want to be. However, another common theme als


Ivanti at FUSION 17 and the ITSM Paradox

"What do you do, again?”  The classic cocktail party question every ITSM professional gets asked.   “So, you fix computers?”… “Not exactly!” “You’re an engineer?”… “No, I used to be an engineer, but now I…” “So, you’re a project manager?”… “Well, you know how you hate your IT department? I fix tha


IT Security & Service Management: The Intersection of Safe and Supported

First off, I have to say I hate this title. When did security of IT assets and systems become something different from service management? Is it because ITSM has just fallen into the “that’s a help desk thing” bucket? That would be unfortunate. Maybe it’s because cyber security has become its o