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IT Fortunetellers: Ivanti’s Bold but Sensible IT Predictions for 2019 and Beyond

We asked 10 of our most prominent IT experts to predict what IT looks like in 2019 and beyond. These predictions can help shape your IT department’s priorities and budgets for this year and the future. In the first several months of 2019 these experts will provide some commentary and justifications


You Might Like Holding a Clipboard, but Asset Dashboards Are Way Cooler (and Automated)

Recently, I moved from California to Georgia. The moving company came, marked all my belongings with green stickers, and then gave me a long, five-page list that documented all the items they had packed. While moving into our new home, I was equipped with a clipboard and eagerly tried marking off e


ITAM and Endpoint Security: You Can’t Manage, Secure, and Effectively Defend Against What You Don’t Know You Have

IT Asset Management (ITAM) is inextricably linked to endpoint security. In fact, as shown below, the first two of the Center for Internet Security’s Top 5 Critical Security Controls emphasize just how crucial it is to understand what devices you have and what software is running on them. These contr


Paying Too Much for Enterprise Software? Use Our IT Asset Management Calculator!

Whether it’s fear of software audits, license complexity, or lack of accurate tracking – chances are you’re spending way too much for the enterprise software for your organization without IT asset management practices. Software makes up a large chunk of an organization’s annual IT Budget. Forrester