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Ransomware: The New Shrinkage?

Earlier this year, we began hearing reports of a massive ransomware attack sweeping dozens of countries with individual attacks in the tens of thousands. Investigations took place and there’s an ominous thought emerging from this threat: Are ransomware attacks becoming a normal risk of doing busines


The Ivanti Way: A Secure and Productive First Day

When IT gets the onboarding process right, a few great things happen. The most obvious is that employee productivity is maximized, and people feel empowered in their new organization by having all the technology resources they need to get started in their new role. The faster you get someone working


Identity Steers IT Operations. Take the Journey with Ivanti.

It has been several weeks since RES joined the Ivanti family. It’s not hard to see how RES technology supports the Ivanti vision for unifying IT – especially when you consider the advanced identity management and automation capabilities that RES offers the enterprise. Standalone identity governance


Making Azure-Powered Workspaces a Reality

This post originally appeared on the RES blog before the company was acquired by Ivanti in July 2017. As organizations continue to evaluate how to best leverage cloud infrastructure, many common barriers arise. This is especially true when we talk to customers about considering moving workloads onto