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Security and ITSM: A Dynamic Duo of IT

Throughout the rich history of IT, the elements of Security and IT Service Management have been front and center in our daily operations. The mission of securing and managing IT infrastructure and assets while delivering services is timeless—and will continue to be at the heart of the IT strategy an


How Automation Makes IT Sexy

IT holds many surprises in the years ahead, as part of our remaking of the IT organization and culture. One of these surprises will be bringing "sexy" to IT for the first time. Expect this makeover to occur in the next 10 years, and not because we are simply trying to be sexy, but rather because aut


Why a Unified IT Is Our Only Future

Our world has forever changed and now IT is called to change in kind. New, powerful, and unstoppable forces are reshaping the world of the consumer, our personal lives, and every business. And these same unstoppable forces are colliding in the world of IT. What is expected and demanded of IT is to k


Technology Today: The New Rock Stars of Business Will Be In IT

Technology today is not what is was years ago. Traditionally the most talented people in an organization—our brightest stars—were most often found in sales, marketing, consulting, R&D, and other similar departments. The IT department would not normally make the short list of where we would look to f


Why ITSM Is the Hub of the IT Wheel

There is a motion that occurs in the operations of IT today, and it is changing before our eyes. Increasingly, this motion is moving more quickly and in a more synchronized manner across all of the IT organization. These changes are no accident—they are born out of the need to drive the business aro