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HEATwave 2016: Ride the Wave to a Digital First Future

The HEAT Software team will be taking London by storm in this year’s HEATwave event on Wednesday 2nd November, at The Crystal Building, E14. Find out more about our IT Service Management and Unified Endpoint Management solutions from our community of executives, customers, and industry experts who w


Secure Alternatives to Android

In my previous post I discussed the flurry of Android vulnerabilities which have come to light over the last year or so. TowelRoot, Fake ID, Android Installer Hijacking, Stagefright, and Certifi-gate have been publicly announced. Some of them have been around in Android for years. Creating patches f


Metasploit: Is It a Good Thing, or a Bad Thing?

Many years ago I ran the online ‘Security Clinic’ on It offered free advice from a worldwide pool of security experts. Late one evening I received a telephone call at home. It was the Chief Constable of Strathclyde Police. He was worried that the Clinic was pointing people to L0phtCr