Take a moment if you will. Imagine your typical day at the warehouse.

Warehouse workers are buzzing about. Forklifts are driving back and forth down the aisles. Your workers are staying productive, scanning and picking boxes, one after the other. They’ve got their rugged devices and scanners, helping them buzz away, busy as can be.

They might still be using the old Windows CE devices. But today is the day that you’re removing those Windows rugged devices and switching over to Android, iOS or Windows 10. In a matter of minutes, you’ve made the rapid migration from telnet green screen to green screen on modern smartphone devices. Thank you, Ivanti Velocity, for helping you in this migration process without having to replace or modify your WMS or IT systems. Your rapid migration using Velocity took your task workers from the “green screen” interface they’re accustomed to with an option to convert the interface to a completely modernized look and feel.

Perfect. Now you can get back to your day-to-day, without having to worry about any disruption to your warehouse operations. But wait. Migrating your devices won’t help you speed up processes in this supply chain’s demanding environment.

Understanding the Difference Between a Client App and a Platform

When thinking about what a client is, “set it and forget it” often comes to mind for many. Whereas a platform is something that allows end-to-end supply chain visibility and enables continuous growth by orchestrating workflow automation and integration to deliver operational excellence. Ivanti Velocity is that kind of supply chain orchestration platform. It’s future-proof and designed to grow with the needs of your warehouse. When productivity and accuracy are priorities, the Velocity platform helps you achieve the gains you need.

So once again, you’re on the right path with Velocity — a future-proof technology. But what you might not know is that Ivanti Velocity lets you deliver a great deal more than just migration. If you’re ready to see more gains in productivity, and you’re ready to win, keep reading.

Modernize Your Warehouse

Not only can you migrate quickly and go from green screen to green screen, keeping your original interface, you can also modernize your device with Ivanti Velocity.

You can quickly build a modern touchscreen interface, ready to provide the kind of user experience that today’s workers anticipate. Imagine a touchscreen with images, buttons and an experience that makes it easier for your warehouse workers to not only get the job done, but to get it done fast.

Another area that benefits the warehouse is how the Velocity platform helps reduce onboarding and training time. Onboarding new or seasonal/temporary workers can take hours or even days. In fact, training new starters is no longer a viable option for many businesses. Once migrated, Ivanti Velocity takes it even further and provides modern, touchscreen user experience on Android, iOS or Windows 10 OS. Not only do existing workers become more productive, but training is also enhanced as these devices better emulate the consumer mobile phones and tablets the new millennials use already. 

On a traditional green screen, when everything looks the same, it’s really easy to make mistakes. In contrast, a modern experience includes making things stand out. Certain text can be a larger size. Error messages can look like errors instead of plain text. An error sound can play when there’s an error. As a result, picking accuracy increases.

Upping the Ante

Okay. Let’s say you’ve migrated to modern experience for your warehouse workers. But what if I told you that your workers could work hands-free? And what if you could save time by automating tasks on the device?

With Ivanti Speakeasy voice-enabled technology, your workers can free their hands for picking, using their voice to do what they once did with a scanner. When it comes to automating tasks, you can increase productivity even further.

Imagine if you needed to implement audit tracking for every pallet that went into a truck. Not only that, you needed a picture of every item, for auditing purposes, proving that each pallet was wrapped and stacked properly.

With an integration of Velocity and some smart cameras pointing towards your trucks, a signal would be sent to the right camera (along with the information for the order). The camera would then take a picture, tag it with the order number and save it. Now suddenly you have an automated tracking system to help you ensure everything is wrapped and stacked properly so items are safe. 

There are no limits to what you can automate in your warehouse with Velocity. Things like triggering conveyor lines, talking to smart robots in a warehouse, turning off smart lights. You can do a million things once you can start talking to things outside of the device.

Future-proof Technology for Winning Warehouse Operations

So, there you have it. Start leveraging Ivanti Velocity as your Supply Chain Orchestration Platform to think outside the migration and modernization in the warehouse and take your investments even further with the future-proof technology.

Whether you’re using Terminal Emulation (TE), Web-based applications, or looking for a more modern, innovative solution, the Ivanti Velocity Framework offers the technology to automate, integrate and drive towards the “Warehouses of the Future.”