Here is a common question from enterprises: Now that Adobe has moved to a subscription model and appears to be cutting back on audits, I don’t have to worry about compliance for those products anymore, right?

Well, not quite.

Anyone who has been through the experience of audits of their perpetual license estate in the past few years will know the amount of resource involved in baselining their estate prior to a change like this.

How many organizations could honestly say that they got the results they wanted? When assessing these new recurring costs – as compared to ROI on perpetual assets – has your expenditure on Adobe licensing decreased or increased? Do you even know?

Modelling Subscription Licensing

Scenario modelling is one functionality that can help map out a change like this and all of the costs associated with it. But it is as important as ever to monitor new deployments and license allocation.

Still today, individuals are overstating their requirements to use Adobe software, and organizations are rounding up on their requirements for subscriptions.

This means that the age-old problem of products like Acrobat Pro (expensive, with little justification of use above Acrobat Standard, or even Adobe Reader) being widespread across an estate is as prevalent now as ever.

As well as offering the capability to model potential change with License Optimizer for Clients and Servers, we also have extensive Adobe experience in our services team to help support you.

“What if” Modelling and Analysis

Scenario modelling enables you to leverage License Optimizer for Clients and Servers as an IT change modelling engine. This enables you to compare two different technology states based on current data in the platform versus a transformed position.

Using existing hardware, software, budgetary, and business information, you can compare the costs, risks and efficiencies of changing technology. You can see detailed before and after comparisons across all key business categories and use this information to aid in making strategic technology decisions that are right for your organization.

Effective Analytics

License Optimizer for Clients and Servers presents the modelled data back as a series of detailed dashboards and graphs, giving a comprehensive, but visually easy to understand comparison of the before and after states to allow you to model migration:

  • From one platform to another (i.e. physical to virtual)
  • From one environment to another (on premise to cloud-hosted)
  • From one application to another (i.e. Office Professional 2010 to Office365)
  • During key business changes such as divestitures and mergers or budget changes

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