10 Reasons why Global Academy will Enhance your Ivanti Experience

September 06, 2018

Mitchell Reber | Instructional Designer | Ivanti

Heidi Bunnell | Training Administrator | Ivanti

Ivanti Global Academy (IGA) is an all-inclusive, unlimited, annual subscription that places the power of learning in the learner’s hands. Cloud-based, our blended learning environment helps Ivanti customers train on what they want, when they want, and how they want.

This webinar will provide an overview of IGA’s content and services, which includes: 

  • Our original, instructor-led “Boot Camp” training
  • eLearning modules
  • Short, concise, live online training sessions
  • Virtual training environments
  • Gamification, and more!


Heidi: Thank you Erica. Hi everyone, my name is Heidi Bunnell, I am the training coordinator for Ivanti Education and Global Academy. Thank you so much for joining our webinar, I am looking forward to letting you all know how amazing this new product is, and our new platform is. Let's begin by letting you know what Global Academy is. Ivanti Global Academy is an all-inclusive, unlimited, annual subscription that places the power of learning in the learner's hand. It's cloud-based and our learning environment helps Ivanti customers train on what they want, when they want and how they want. It's everything you need in one place. Most important to remember about Ivanti Global Academy is that each Global Academy annual subscription includes all product training content, that means regardless of the product you own, or if you own multiple products, your subscription is going to cover training for all those products. Everything we have to offer is covered.

So let's dive right in, get started talking about the individual benefits of Ivanti Global Academy. All right. We're gonna start with instructor-led training, which are the boot camp. These are our original instructor-led boot camp training classes, this is our bread and butter. We have been teaching the boot camp classes for all products for as long as I've been here for about the past 15 years. These classes are taught both live online and on site. They're all the original classes that are still available for endpoint manager, for user workspace, manager and service manager. They are included in the subscription. Next, our e-learning module. These are new to the Ivanti Education Department and our E-learning modules are short, concise and interactive computer-based training modules which focus on the content necessary to achieve your just-in-time need. Again, we call this just-in-time training. E-learning is pretty self-explanatory, the difference with our e-learning modules is they are interactive. You're not just going to be watching a bunch of slides go by, you're going to be answering questions, you're gonna be answering...have a skills test at the end of each e-learning module. So, we've tried to make them as informative and interactive as we possibly can.

Next, we have our informational videos. This is where you as a subscriber can view commentary or watch a future demo and these are found all throughout Ivanti Global Academy and in our e-learning. Next is our live online training or LOT sessions. These are regularly scheduled, short, concise topics, specific training sessions that are taught by our certified instructors via WebEx Training Center. As I says in my blog regularly scheduled short 30 to 120 minutes topics, specific and instructor-led. LOT stands for Live Online Training. What these are is, we have taken our original boot camp three and five-day boot camp classes and we've broken them up by individual modules or topic and these are what our LOT sessions are. But like I said they're gonna be anywhere from 30 minutes to 120 minutes, and these are wonderful for let's...just a quick example. Let's say that you've taken a five-day boot camp for and plant manager and after the class was over you still had questions on console.

You can actually go into Global Academy and search on the word 'consoles' and it's going to bring up a 16 minute live online training session just on console. These are against scheduled classes, so you do have to enroll, they do have certain date, but we do schedule them regularly throughout the month. So you won't have to wait more than maybe a couple of weeks to take one of these classes. Okay. Next is our Role-based Learning Paths. These are role-specific learning paths and this allows customers to be enrolled automatically in each course as it pertains to their role. Let's take service manager for example, if you've got a service manager administrator, and they are wondering, "What classes do I take, based on the fact that I'm an administrator for service managers? And in what order Am I supposed to take these classes?" That's what our role-based learning paths are for. They are going to tell you exactly where to start and where to end and you can keep track of your scores along the line in learning paths, pardon me. The other nice thing about our learning paths is that can be customized. We may not have thought of every learning path there is for each product, so if there is a role that we don't have covered, give us a call, send us an email and we will customize a path for you. We'll put it together and go over it with you, make sure that what you need, we'll publish it and then you can enroll and all those classes in that learning path.

Certification exams. Many people ask if the certifications are still included in a Global Academy subscription, yes, they are. So, these are as I said, included in every subscription, these are our product certifications and we offer these exams in multiple languages. Virtual Training Environment. These are available with many of the live online training courses, the LOT courses, and you can experience the features of the product firsthand as you learn about them, you'll be performing hands-on exercises. There's a little bit of a typo, it does say available with all ILT and LOT courses, that's not 100% true. All of the LOT or the shorter sessions are...do not have virtual training environment. But all of the ILT classes do, and ILT is our original instructor-led boot camp classes, the five and the three-day classes. So, you will be hooked up to a virtual machine, you will follow along with the instructor, perform the hands-on labs, you can...It's live so you can, you know, ask the instructor questions and all that good stuff. And again, available with most LOT courses, but all of the boot camp class or ILT classes.

Group discussion. This is something new that we've actually never done in education department before. What this is, is these are open-forum group discussions where our customers can meet with our service matter...pardon me, subject matter experts, our instructors and other IGA subscribers. We will set up a certain topic on each product every month and you can go ahead and enroll or register for the class when we've got it scheduled and once in the class this is gonna be...we're gonna talk about that specific topic. And again, it's open forums so all of your questions are gonna be answered, we'll have consultants therapy need to, of course our instructors, our smith, our subject matter experts, anybody that we meet that we feel will benefit the customer more in gaining knowledge from these group discussions. And these will...we will start scheduling these within the next month. Next is our Let's Talk Technical Webinar Series. We are also going to be launching this within the next month to about six weeks, and this is our webinar series that goes over popular topics for each product. But the nice thing about our Let's Talk Technical Series is we are asking our customers to send us topics that they would like to have covered for an hour again with a subject matter expert, an instructor, a consultant, we could have support...somebody from our support desk on these calls. It just depends on what the topic is, but we would ask that our customers send us suggestions.

We've received a couple of suggestions already, which is wonderful so we can start scheduling these. This includes stuff like, you know, Mac isn't covered fully in our endpoint manager class. So maybe that's Let's Talk Technical subjects that we can discuss, just stuff like that, anything that you guys can think of that might come to your mind that could be a topic for an hour that will help other IGA subscribers, send us that and we'll get one of these scheduled. And again those will start coming online and about the next month to six weeks. So, we here at Ivanti Education and Ivanti Global Academy think that learning should be fun, so we have included gamification in our subscriptions. So, everybody knows that when something is fun, it's a lot more productive, learners are more productive when they're having a good time. So, we have come up with a badging... Oh, I just forgot what I was gonna say. Anyway, you can earn the badges. So, this is just like any other game that you might play at home where you reach certain levels, you know, you get points or you get you know, tools or a race car or whatever your game is.

Well, here you get badges and these accumulate in points. Right now we're not sure what to do with our points, so we would welcome any suggestions on what we should do with our points. So, for right now you earn badges and it just becomes a friendly competition, we have a few actually have our enterprise customers which are 10 or more users or subscribers that compete with each other to see how many badges they can have, and they've actually got a leaderboard setup and I get emails all the time saying, "Let me know who's on top and who's on bottom, who's slipping, you know, or who's excelling." So, it's a lot of fun, it's fun for me and for everyone here in the education department but it's also fun for our customers. So, that's just something kiddish that we added.

Self-assessment. This is where you can check your comprehension with the self-assessment features in our e-learning module. So again, we're going to test you, after any learning module, we're going to make you answer some questions before you can move on, before you can actually get credit for this e-learning module, having taken it, maybe it's part of the learning path, maybe it's something the training manager required that you take. So, this is our self-assessment tool, of course, it's not hard and you can go back and look up the answers if you need to, but it is there just to make sure that for your own knowledge that you soaked in what we taught.

And last but maybe not least, is The Global Academy Store. So, I have a lot of people asked me if individual IOT or boot camp classes can still be purchased, and they absolutely can. So, for people who are nonsubscribers, let me just note everybody should be a subscriber. But for people who aren't, they can go to the Global Academy Store and they can purchase a subscription, a Global Academy subscription, they can purchase just an individual exam, certification exam or they can purchase the original bread-and-butter boot camp class, you know, the three to five day boot camp classes. But that can only be purchased from the Ivanti Global Academy Store and this was obviously for nonsubscribers only because if you're a subscriber, this is included in your subscription. And that ends my short presentation, I know that we are going to go over some questions that have been submitted. So, I'm going to ask Erica to join the conversation and we will answer some questions.

Erica: What is the difference between a training voucher and a subscription?

Heidi: Okay. So, a training voucher is what we used to sell. We used to sell our individual one, two, three, four, and five-day classes, our boot camp classes, and that produced the voucher in our system. And from that voucher, our students could go and register for their class. So, a Global Academy subscription is actually all inclusive of any vouchers that have been purchased and I might actually be confusing people with my answer, I just realized that. But a subscription is exactly that, it's a subscription, it's a one year all inclusive subscriptions that includes all classes any five class, one, two, three, four, or five-day class. A voucher only includes that one class. So, if you have a five-day voucher, it's good towards one five-day class and then it's finished. Global Academy subscription is good for all of our five-day classes, for all of our products, all of our three-day, two-day, one-day classes for all of our products, and they can be taken multiple times because your subscription is unlimited.

Erica: How do I use my training voucher in global Academy?

Heidi: Okay. Great question. So, we do have many customers who still have existing vouchers that they purchased that have not used for again the one, two, three, four, or five-day five-day boot camp classes. Right now we can...we are allowing customers to convert their three-day and their five-day vouchers, training vouchers into a Global Academy subscription. So, that can be done, you just need to contact me or your account representative and we'll take care of that for you. As far as the one-day, two-day and four-day classes... We really don't have four-day classes, I should stop saying that. But the one and two-day vouchers you, would simply send an email to Global Academy help and say, "I would like to redeem my voucher," and we will then send you instructions on how you would go to Global Academy, redeem your voucher for your one, two, three or five-day class and take that class within Global Academy.

Erica: Does Ivanti still offer private training?

Heidi: Yes, yes, yes, yes, we do. One of the things that I think we're very well known for is our custom private training, so yes, we absolutely still offer it. It is not something that is included with a Global Academy subscription, but it is still available. So, if you would like us to come on-site for a private training or we can also do private training remotely, those are absolutely still available. You just need to contact your account representative to send you a quote and yes, we absolutely still do our private training.

Erica: Is service manager analyststraining covered under a subscription?

Heidi: Okay. Great question. No, it isn't. And the reason that service manager analyst or end-user training is not covered is because this particular class is customizable. It is always taught as a private class because everybody's environment is different. There is no, you know, one tenant that looks like another tenant for customers who have service managers. So, it's actually sold as a half-day private training and again, it can be remote or on site. Most customers need more than a half a day because, with service manager, they have a few more analysts or end users that they need to have trained, but it is sold in half-day increments or four-hour increments and it is private and customizable. So, unfortunately, at this time, it's not covered with a subscription, it might be in the future. We might turn a lot of that stuff into some e-learning module, just maybe some of the basic information but the base will always be a private training class.

Erica: Can I submit topic ideas for the group discussions?

Heidi: Yes. So, I know I was saying that these are subjects that we would be scheduling but yes, if there is something that you would like us to cover in a group discussion you can still absolutely send those ideas or requests to me which I will give my email at the end of the presentation. But yes because the Let's Talk Technical series is the vessel basically that we would like to have people send us recommended topics, but for group discussions, we will always listen to our customers and if there's something that you need covered, we'll absolutely do that through a group discussion, so the answer is yes.

Erica: What is the difference between an ILT and an LOT?

Heidi: Okay. Great question. So in Global Academy, we have two ways that you can have instructor-led, live, online training. And that is through our original boot camp classes and through our shorter live online sessions, the 30 minute to 120 minute classes. We actually needed a way to differentiate the two because they're both live online and they're both instructor-led. So, our original boot camp classes will all have a prefix of the letters ILT, which stands for Instructor-Led training. All of our shorter session we'll have a prefix of LOT, which is Live Online Training. Again, it's the shorter sessions are instructor-led, but we again needed to figure out a way to differentiate the two so that's what we've done. And when I say prefix, all of our courses obviously have an ID. And they all start with a letter prefix. So again, for the boot camp, which are the three and five-day classes, they will all say ILT dash, if it's an endpoint manager class, EMA, or if it's user workspace, it would be ILT dash UWM service manager ILT dash SM. So all of our classes IDs have a letter prefix. So, if you're looking for the shorter topic-specific sessions, you would always wanna look for LOT boot camps ILT, and that's the difference.

Erica: Does Ivanti have videos and or recordings?

Heidi: Yes we do. These are actually being added quite rapidly to Global Academy. So, yes. The question was do we have videos or recordings within Global Academy as part of our at-your-own-pace learning and yes we do. We are getting these recorded as quickly as we can, we are recording the LOT sessions which are the shorter sessions and we are as they're taught teaching the ILT or the boot camp sessions and we are getting those loaded onto Global Academy. What we don't want is to have a scratchy, you know, subpar recording of an instructor teaching a class. And so we're actually working on them so that our customers are able to follow along, they're able to pause, they're able to go backward and go forward, you know, resume it at a later time. And you can follow along with the lab if you want to, that kind of thing, with our recordings and our videos. So, that's why it's taking us a little bit longer to get them uploaded, but yes, there are some on there now, I believe there's a couple for each product, but we are adding them at a rapid pace. And by the end of the year, we should have close to probably 100 videos that are going to be loaded under global Academy. So, the answer to that question is yes.

Erica: Can I still use my one-day support entitlement vouchers?

Heidi: Yes, yes, they can still be used. So very simply, we would follow the same rules as the previous question of "Can I still use my vouchers in Global Academy?" and the answer is yes. So, the one-day classes, many customers received one-day support entitlement vouchers which cover the endpoint manager classes. And so you would follow the same rules, you would send myself or Global Academy help an email saying, "Hey, I've got a one day voucher I would like to use towards an endpoint manager class, how do I redeem it?" And I will go ahead and send you instructions on how you redeem the voucher and register for a class. So yes, absolutely, the one-day vouchers can still be used.

Erica: How often is new content added?

Heidi: I love that question because we are adding content continually. I won't say every day but close to it, there is a video being added or we're getting more e-learning downloaded, we are adding more sessions, more classes to the calendar. So, yes, the answer that question is continually we are adding content to Global Academy. Again, a perfect example is our group discussions and our Let's Talk Technical Webinar Series. We're going to be adding those to the calendar. So yeah, we add it continually. By the end of the year, it's going to be a very full, wonderful product. It's already very full, but it'll just be more full, so, overflowing is what I hope for. Okay.

There's actually one question that I have been asked a few times and actually before I came online to do this webinar that I would...I wanted to answer real quick if that's okay. And that is I get asked the question "If I convert my five-day voucher to a Global Academy subscription, can I still take the five-day class?" And it's actually a very good question, and the answer to that is yes, absolutely. You still get that five-day class.

If that's the only thing that you take, that's fine. I mean, there's, you know, a ton more info on there but yes. And the same goes for a three-day class, if you convert your three-day voucher, you will absolutely still get that three-day class. So, I seem to get asked that question quite a bit and so I hope that this helps to answer that question for customers out there. If they're wondering whether they should convert their voucher or not, the app...the question is...or, pardon me, the answer is they absolutely still get that five-day or three-day class in their subscription. Multiple times if they want because again, Global Academy is an unlimited subscription. So, that answered that question, and I think...Erica, I think that's it unless you have any more for me.

Erica: Thanks Heidi, and thanks to everyone who joined our webinar today. If you have any other questions about Global Academy, please contact your account rep. Thanks and have a great one.