Ivanti Support Programs

Backing Up our Technology and Our Customers

Once you've purchased Ivanti solutions, the last thing you want is a software vendor that trumpets its technology but falls silent on support. Rest assured, we stand behind our products and our valued customers. In fact, our customers have given our support services a satisfaction rating of 92% over the last two years. What’s more, our expert service and support representatives are all Ivanti Certified Engineers. Many also have other manufacturer and/or industry certifications, such as Microsoft Certified, Cisco Certified, etc., so you know your call will be answered and addressed by a highly qualified expert with proven credentials.

Overview of Ivanti Customer Support Services

Ivanti offers a range of customer service and support levels to meet your operational requirements. Customers who purchase a maintenance contract get to participate in a tiered points-based support program. The levels of the program have been carefully designed to ensure that customers receive the service they need and deserve. If additional support is still desired, upgrade options are available.

Points-based Support

Customers who purchase an Ivanti points-based maintenance program are awarded “points” according to the level of their investment. The accumulation of points, at initial purchase and throughout the year, determines the level of support for which a customer is automatically qualified. Points expire when the maintenance contract concludes and the renewal process results in new points being issued. The number of points a customer has been awarded is easily tracked by logging into the Smart Service Portal in the Ivanti Community.

Four levels of support are available: Base, Professional, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus. All support levels include software upgrade protection, proactive technical support updates via email or RSS feeds, and access to the Ivanti Community.

Support Program Details

Ivanti Base Support
(1-2,999 Points)

Ivanti Base Support provides software upgrade protection and self-directed support through the Ivanti Technical Community and available online documentation. Best known methods (BKM) documents, white papers, support bulletins, and interaction with other Ivanti customers in the technical community forum are just a few of the resources available to customers.

Ivanti Professional Support
(3,000-49,999 Points)

Ivanti Professional Support is a renewable annual support agreement that provides all the benefits of Base Support, plus a number of key additional features. Most importantly, customers are allowed an unlimited number of incidents and can initiate a phone or web incident with us through our Smart Service Portal during local business hours.

Ivanti Enterprise Support
(50,000-199,999 Points)

Ivanti Enterprise Support is a renewable annual support agreement that improves upon the features and benefits of Professional Support. If you need access to 24x7 Support for Critical Issues (Severity 1), this program is for you.

Ivanti Enterprise Plus Support
(200,000+ Points)

Ivanti Enterprise Plus Support is our premier customer care program. It’s a renewable annual support agreement that improves upon the features and benefits of Enterprise Support.

Enterprise Plus customers are able to enjoy unlimited priority phone support initiated through our Smart Service Portal. Your support call request skips ahead of other support calls to be addressed promptly—regardless of its priority level.

Ivanti Smart Service Portal

A centerpiece of Ivanti Customer Support Services is the Smart Service Portal. Customers access this convenient online portal through the Ivanti Technical Community at https://success.ivanti.com/customers. Once logged in, self-directed customers benefit from key functionality, including the Solution Adviser.

The Solution Adviser assists customers who need quick and proven solutions to their problems. Using drop down menus to answer a brief list of questions, customers are provided with a set of recommended solutions and resources including:

  • The top-rated solutions for a particular issue as determined by Ivanti experts and successful outcomes when used by other customers.
  • Search results that direct a customer to relevant postings in the Ivanti Technical Community.
  • Key articles such as Best Known Methods (BKMs) and white papers with high-value content pertinent to the issue submitted.

Should the Solution Adviser not lead to the desired outcome, customers in the portal can electronically submit a new case to the Ivanti customer support team and track its resolution. Notes and attachments can be added to the incident and customers can request that Ivanti respond by phone or email.

Management Escalation

Ivanti is committed to delivering high quality products and technical support services to our customers and partners. If at any point you are not fully satisfied with the quality or level of service that you are receiving from Ivanti Support, then you should request that the support case be escalated for review by our Management team.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer feedback is an essential way to measure how well we are meeting expectations. Our Customer satisfaction surveys give you, the customer, the opportunity to provide Ivanti with valuable feedback to help us improve and evolve our offerings so that they match your needs. After a Support request is closed you are invited by email to complete a short survey about your recent support experience.

Available Support Upgrade Options

Some Ivanti customers may want to move from one level of support to another. Others may choose not to invest in a maintenance program but desire software upgrade protection. Still others may want to extend their IT staff with an expert Ivanti technical resource. The following upgrade options are available to all customers regardless of how many points they have earned.

Support Program Upgrades

Do you qualify for the Professional Support level but just can’t live without 24x7 phone support? Would you like access to Priority Phone Support but don’t quite have 200,000 points? Customers wanting to upgrade within the Ivanti support programs can move from one level to another by purchasing additional Ivanti products or by purchasing points to reach the service level they desire. The fee for this upgrade is based on the number of points needed to reach the desired tier.

Ivanti Software Upgrade Protection (SUP)

Stay current with the latest advances in Ivanti systems, security, and service management technologies through a Software Upgrade Protection (SUP) service agreement. This worry-free solution is a simple product update service, designed to maximize your investment in Ivanti solutions. As new products are released, you are notified and given immediate access to the latest major and minor product updates.

Ivanti Incident Pack Support

Customers who qualify for the Base Support tier have the option of purchasing incident packs to augment their service level. With Incident Pack Support, customers submit their issues online via the Smart Service Portal. Incidents are queued in the phone system and sent directly to Ivanti customer care professionals who respond via phone or email, whichever the customer selects.

  • One simple fee
  • Packs available in quantities of 5, 10, 25, and 50 incidents
  • Two technical contacts
  • Smart Service Portal access
  • Convenient access to Ivanti Support professionals
  • Efficient process for limited support needs

Online Resources

Once you become a Ivanti customer, you’ll enjoy access to the following online resources:

Support Community

The Ivanti Support Community is the place to find and share information about the Ivanti solutions you use in your environment. You can peruse technical articles, post questions in the forum, subscribe to notifications of new articles, and even contribute your own documents. The forum offers posts and feedback from peers, other Ivanti customers, and Ivanti developers and engineers. Top contributors are recognized and rewarded on a regular basis.

Momentum Webinars

Momentum offers a variety of technical product webinars as well as the ability to share ideas, concepts, and designs with other IT experts, and more. Our series of technical webinars focuses on explaining and demonstrating how you can employ the tool to solve the common challenges you face in IT today. In addition, you can access on-demand webinars on how to use different product features and/or how to implement particular tips and tricks in your environment. Share IT enables our talented customers to share their ideas, concepts, and designs plus leverage the knowledge of a broad base of IT experts. For more information https://www.ivanti.com/momentum.

Ivanti Training

Ivanti education offers a series of classes to help maximize your Ivanti investment. Courses range from a half day to a full week. In addition, we also offer private sessions, remote, and in-person class offerings. To find out more, go to https://training.ivanti.com/.

You can also take advantage of a one-day, Instructor-Led Online (ILO) training course and receive training at your convenience. Instructor-Led Online (ILO) training courses can be found at https://training.ivanti.com/. Instructor-Led Online (ILO) training is another benefit our Professional, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus customers receive. These training opportunities help ensure your staff is knowledgeable and making the most of your Ivanti investment.

Note: Not all maintenance plans include a free training voucher. If you want additional information to purchase this, please go to https://training.ivanti.com/ to sign up for a single day voucher today.

Enjoy Superior Support Beyond the Sale

As you contemplate investing in Ivanti IT systems, security and service management solutions, consider also the business advantages of quality support services delivered by experts with proven credentials. Discover for yourself why customers give Ivanti such a high satisfaction rating. To learn more please visit us at https://success.ivanti.com/customers or visit our contact page.