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Ensure Compliance to Survive My Next Software Audit

Software audit survival

Software vendors want your money

Software vendors are looking to cash-in on your ineffective license-tracking methods. If you're still logging licenses on a spreadsheet (hey, it's better than a bar napkin) then there's a good chance you'll have to pay up. 

More than two-thirds of organizations can expect an audit in the next year. Additionally, more than half of businesses report they've been audited more than once in a 12-month period—and the outcome can be costly. In an effort to avoid those costs, many organizations overbuy licenses, but that wastes money and is totally unnecessary. Ivanti gives you confidence in your license position by helping you proactively manage your vendors.

Survive your next software audit with confidence

An intimate knowledge of what software has been purchased—and more importantly, what has been deployed—is crucial to surviving an audit. What was once a messy guessing game is now a more civilized approach thanks to Ivanti solutions.

Save Money
Reduce costs from license overbuying and rogue purchases. Rest easy knowing you won't get hit with huge fines or true-up costs.
Knowledge Is Power
Understand your effective license position. Know the who, what, and where of your software licenses.
Protect Productivity
Some audits can drag on more than a year, halting work and costing you money. Ivanti helps you minimize the fallout.
Accurate Reporting
Generate accurate, vendor-specific data to view your current state of compliance.

Take action before auditors come knocking

Many companies wait for an audit to hit them before taking control of their software assets. Big mistake. The damage is done in the form of true-up costs, fines, and legal fees. Failed audits can also harm an organization's reputation, so don't dawdle. Take action now with Ivanti and make your next audit as painless as possible. 

Ivanti Neurons for ITAM
Proactive asset tracking.
License Optimizer
Complete software visibility.

Solutions that could save you a lot of money

Packaging company Sealed Air saved nearly $1 million in licensing fees within the first three months of using Ivanti. Discover how our customers survive audits and save money at the same time. 

Automatic Discovery

Access and inventory all managed or unmanaged IP-enabled devices on your corporate network for an accurate picture of your software assets. 

Workspaces Dashboards

Visualize your current state of compliance, quickly identify software licenses out of compliance, and gain insight into estimated true-up costs.

Out-of-the-Box Workflows

Asset Manager for Endpoints delivers a process-ready workflow that walks you through the audit experience, helping you prove your state of compliance.

Contract Management

Identify which applications are licensed and approved, and report on any usage beyond corporate guidelines.

Go Into Detail

View software-usage information in real time to optimize licenses. Drill deeper for specifics about when the software was last used, how many times it was launched, and duration of use.

B2B Connectors

Import software-purchase information automatically from vendors such as CDW, Microsoft, Adobe, Lenovo, Dell, and HP to create asset records.

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