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GDPR Compliance Deadline is May 25, 2018

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires organizations doing business in the European Union (EU) to implement necessary measures to protect the personal data of EU citizens. 

Even though GDPR originated within the EU, it applies to any organization collecting or processing personal data of EU citizens and residents – no matter where the organization is headquartered. Unlike previous directives, GDPR has established serious consequences if businesses do not comply. 

Simply put, if you are a global enterprise, you should be taking steps now to get your GDPR compliance strategy in place before time is up.

Manage GDPR Compliance Risk

By unifying IT, you can easily measure and mitigate risk across the organization. Ivanti supports your compliance strategy with solutions to assess risk, enforce policies, secure data, respond to incidents and requests, and prove compliance. 

Reduce risk and meet auditor requests with insight and visibility.
Detect, remediate, and communicate when a data request or event occurs.
Protect data integrity and privacy by securing your endpoints & applications.
Implement GDPR policies through automation and workflows.
Complete a baseline assessment to determine your level of risk.

Ivanti Supports Your Compliance Strategy

A comprehensive GDPR strategy requires a mix of internal process creation, policy changes, and technology. Ivanti’s portfolio of software solutions is designed to help make your plan automated and auditable.

Ease Audits

Ivanti gives you easy access to dashboards and reports needed for internal or external auditors, streamlining the auditing process and enabling you to meet ongoing governance initiatives.

Meet Deadlines

Ivanti’s unified IT solutions provide quick time to value, enabling you to successfully develop and execute your GDPR compliance strategy in a timely manner. 

Drive Efficiency

Ivanti transforms error-prone, labor-intensive manual process and policies into automated strategies, ensuring consistent enforcement of GDPR requirements and better leveraging of resources. 

Protect Data

Ivanti allows you to proactively address user and the endpoint security gaps, ensuring the integrity and privacy of data to meet GDPR compliance requirements.

Unify IT

Ivanti unifies IT and security operations, enabling the measurement and mitigation of risk across the organization to assist in implementing a comprehensive GDPR compliance plan.

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