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Add a SAM Solution to my ServiceNow Deployment

Make Sense of Your Software Assets

ITAM and ITSM Combine Forces

Software asset management (SAM) is essential for successful IT service management. For example, the SAM capability built into ITSM platforms such as ServiceNow is great for simple desktop environments, but struggles when things get more complex such as multiple vendor datacenters, virtualization and cloud-based scenarios. In these situations, they very quickly lose efficacy, eroding the core benefits of SAM efforts and compromising the accuracy of the data used throughout ITSM.

Get more out of ServiceNow with integrated software management

Deliver comprehensive information about your critical software assets directly to the ServiceNow interface your team already knows and uses.

Optimize software assets
Gain a clear understanding of complicated vendor license challenges for cloud, server, and data center-based products.
Reduce software spend
Clarity for your software ensures you’re paying for licenses you require. No more, no less. Plus, you have the visibility to get and stay compliant, helping you avoid financial penalties that come with failed audits.
Improve ITSM ROI
Enhance Service Desk capability, and support project management through IT transformation projects.

Taking Software Asset Management to a New Level

With many global enterprises now leveraging ServiceNow’s ITSM platform, it is critical that any SAM tool must be able to integrate seamlessly with ServiceNow in order to deliver maximum value within an enterprise organization.

License Optimizer
Complete software license management.

Rich Integration

Traditional SAM simply integrates with the CMDB and stops there, but License Optimizer for Clients and Servers does this and so much more, all within the ServiceNow User Interface.

Powerful licensing engine
Powerful licensing engine

For vendors such as Citrix, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and more.

Global software library
Global software library

Encompasses hundreds of thousands of titles to normalize information into a single view.

“what if” modeling and analysis
“what if” modeling and analysis

Build scenarios for initiatives like cloud migration, and implement the most successful plans.

Vendor-specific reports
Vendor-specific reports

Keep tabs on software vendors and monitor their performance.

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