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Department of Defense

Enable the Mission Through Zero Trust

Discover, manage, secure, and service the many endpoints used by the modern warfighter – so they can focus on the mission with bulletproof C4ISR architecture that’s ready-to-go.

Military-grade, hardened solutions enabling the modern warfighter

Protect mission data and ensure mission-ready endpoints with a completely Zero Trust approach.

Endpoint protection

Powerful threat protection and private networking for all mission-critical endpoints, including mobile devices, desktops, laptops, tablets, IoT, servers, ruggedized equipment, supply chain devices, and more.

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Self-heal with patching

Risk-based endpoint patch management for connected and disconnected networks, DoD IAVA security reporting, and patch automation for comply-to-connect.

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Support for closed & airgap networks

Data protection solutions for airgap networks from a device in flight to the edge of the network, gateway, and across the main.

  • Choose to deploy on-prem, on the cloud, and in airgap networks
  • Commercial solutions for classified certified product
  • Full endpoint management and VPN capabilities
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Change control

Apply change management discipline and best practices, even in classified environments

  • End-to-end governance, risk, and compliance
  • Gain visibility into
  • ITIL change management for full transparency
  • Expedite DoD ATO process using RMF
  • Security scorecard?
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Tactical warfighter solutions

Support for a mobile mission:

  • Support for Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK), Samsung KNOX solutions
  • CSFC-certified
  • Full airgap network support for Android
  • Integrations with ruggedized equipment
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Modern IT for the modern soldier

With Zero Trust, mission-ready systems and data, you can adapt to new regulations, secure and protect key information, while supporting warfighters’ completion of the mission.

Protect sensitive data

Safeguard data from vulnerabilities, keeping it mission-ready.

Protect against cyber attacks

Don’t allow unpatched assets or phishing threats to invade your agency IT environment.

Improve visibility of assets

Keep out unauthorized devices and software that expose your agency to additional risks or costs.

Stay compliant

Avoid non-compliance and ensure alignment with ATOs, FISMA, NIAP, CSFC, and other regulatory requirements.

Consistent mission readiness

Ensure that data and systems are always a go to increase warfighter and mission uptime.

Support integrations

Support for classified system technology partnerships.

Keep your systems and data mission-ready

Raise your IT performance, security and compliance with solutions that meet the specific needs of your agency.

Mobile device management

Manage all endpoints with consistent policies throughout the lifecycle, from enrollment to deployment – and even applying restrictions.

Risk-based cloud patch management

Prioritize and patch vulnerabilities based on active risk exposure, patch reliability and device compliance.

Asset discovery

Discover your entire IT estate in real time at a glance, and make fast, accurate decisions that result in breakthrough levels of efficiency and value across your business.

Service management

Deliver new levels of satisfaction and effectiveness for your IT service management operations while making your business more productive, compliant, and secure.

More secure IT, more secure missions

Take control of your endpoints. Enable your warfighters.