Consulting on Demand

Consulting on Demand was created to help customers achieve their goals in a flexible way. It fills the gaps between support requests and full professional services. Consulting on Demand allows you to schedule time with a consultant to fit your schedule. Sometimes just a little extra help is all you need.

Pricing and Packages

Ad-Hoc Package A Package B Package C
Duration 30 days 3 months 6 months 12 months
Hours Per Month 4 hours 8 hours 8 hours 10 hours
Bonus Hours n/a 4 hours 8 hours 10 hours
Total Hours 4 hours 28 hours 56 hours 130 hours
Cost (USD) $1,440 Check with your sales representative for pricing.

Important: Hours expire every month. You must use your hours each month.

Commonly Asked Questions

How is this different from a Technical Relationship Manager (TRM)?
A TRM is a named trusted advisor to you—a resource who will get to know you and your environment. They give you guidance and let you know of upcoming releases and features and help you build strategy. Consulting on Demand doesn’t offer you a named resource, but it’s great for advising on integration questions, patching, etc. If you are interested in a TRM you can learn more about our TRM services here

How does scheduling work?
All scheduling is self-scheduled through the Ivanti Global Academy store front. When you purchase through the store front, you’ll be able to choose your appointment times. For any purchases made through your sales representative for packages, you’ll receive purchase codes that allow you to schedule your sessions through the portal.

Can I purchase packages through the portal?
No, packages can only be purchased through your sales representative. Through the portal you are able to purchase four-hour blocks.  

Is there a way I can request the same consultant?
No, you will schedule a time and the consultant available for that time will be used. 

Schedule Time with a Consultant

We are ready to help you when you need it.