Policy Secure (NAC)

Complete endpoint visibility and zero trust network access control.

IIoT Security with Nozomi Networks

Policy Secure delivers zero trust network access control with IIoT contextual dynamics. 


Integrated Threat Defense

Seamless control throughout the connectivity lifecycle. 


Policy Secure Datasheet

Policy Secure is adapting network security to the everywhere workplace. 


End-to-End Zero Trust Access

Uniform Policy Enforcement for All Endpoints

Dynamic endpoint policy enforcement and access control, seamless roaming from VPN to on-premises and more.

Network Visibility

Automatically detect, classify, profile and monitor rogue network devices and their security state. 

Endpoint Compliance

Endpoint security posture assessment; pre and post connection – 802.1x or non-802.1x. 

Guest Management

Automated, sponsored and time-based guest access. 

Policy Management

Centralized, granular access policies – wizard editor, adaptive AUTH, RBAC and segmentation. 


Automated onboarding, third party EMM support and Pulse MDM. 

Behavioral Analytics

UEBA to detect IoT rogue devices, DGA attacks and MAC spoofing.