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Patch management from workstations to the data center, for multiple OSes and 3rd-party apps.
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Patch more than Windows

Protect Linux, UNIX, and Mac environments

You need patch management software in your toolbox that can handle today’s heterogenous environments. Extending patching beyond Windows is a must. And doing this efficiently, using a single interface and automated tool, not only frees up IT, but also reduces human error while enhancing your defenses.

Ivanti Patch for Linux, UNIX, Mac can swiftly detect vulnerabilities in your environment, from endpoint to data center, and deploy expertly pre-tested patches automatically. Efficiently patch across all those OSes and Windows

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Extend agent-based patching beyond Windows, workstations to servers.

Protect thousands of systems with one tool—even in wildly heterogeneous environments—without disrupting business. Automate vulnerability assessment and patch management across your organization.

Establish and automate policies
Create consistent policies for more efficient and effective patching, from your servers to your endpoints.
Help ensure compliance
See, assess, and protect your workstations and servers to comply with security standards such as PCI and HIPAA/HITECH.
Keep users productive
Patch at the right time, under the right conditions, so your business keeps moving forward.
Protect heterogeneous environments
Detect and remediate OS and third-party app vulnerabilities on systems running Windows, Linux, UNIX, and macOS.

Distributed/remote patching

Patch all devices across your network while optimizing bandwidth.

Fast deployment

Test, package, and pre-stage automatically.

Single console, automated tool

Free up IT and reduce the chance for error. Simplify and streamline how you patch your mixed environment. 

Virtual patching

Reduce risk by patching servers that are online with the agent installed. (See Ivanti Patch for Windows for our most robust virtual server solution.)

Offline Patching for Disconnected Environments

Bring powered-down physical systems back online to ensure that critical patches and software updates are successfully deployed.

Real-time, customized reporting

Make smarter, faster decisions when you cut through the mass of information to the insights that matter most.

Third-party patch catalog

Take advantage of the industry’s broadest third-party patch catalog, including the largest repository of Adobe vulnerability content.

Fingerprint technology

Validate patch applicability and status with our patented technology to avoid false results.

Extend Agent-Based Patching Beyond Windows

Save yourself headaches and time. Get our automated solution for patching heterogeneous environments, including coverage for multiple OSes and an industry-leading catalog supporting third-party app patches.

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