License Optimizer for ClientsOptimize your software licenses—reclaim unused licenses, stay compliant, anticipate true-ups, and curb IT overspend.


Get a revealing look at License Optimizer for Clients to see the what, where, and how of your IT assets.

The average business uses only 35% of the software it pays for. Stop wasting resources.


Don’t wait to get audited. Prepare now with this 10-step plan.


See Your Software Assets More Clearly

Ivanti License Optimizer for Clients discovers what software exists in your environment, tracks usage, and identifies areas where your IT assets can work harder for you.

You can reclaim unused licenses and reallocate software to maximize the performance and value of your software. Now you can gather the insight you need to minimize cost, mitigate risk of audits, and support transformation initiatives across all IT environments.

The feature that saved Sealed Air a lot of money

The folks at packaging company Sealed Air needed an ITAM solution, but what they didn’t expect was that License Optimizer for Clients would help them save nearly $1 million dollars. How did they do it? Read the case study to find out.

Most organizations spend too much on software licenses

License Optimizer for Clients delivers technology and expertise to help you optimize your IT assets and to reduce costs proactively. Plus, you gain access to detailed cost/benefit analysis to support effective decision making.

Automate asset discovery and tracking
Stop working in spreadsheets. Import, inventory, and track your hardware and software assets automatically with License Optimizer for Clients.
Reduce IT asset overspend
Reclaim unused software licenses for redeployment. Gain accurate data that gives you an advantage when negotiating with vendors.
License optimization and recommendations
Get product-specific recommendations to manage your IT investments. Curb overspend and reduce financial risk.

Powerful license engine

For vendors like IBM, Oracle, Citrix, and more.

Software license monitoring

Monitor software usage and license compliance with asset management.

“What if” modeling and analysis

Build scenarios for initiatives like cloud migration and implement the most successful plans.

Valuable reclamation

Harvest unused software licenses automatically to reduce IT spend.

It gives me more confidence in our overall numbers, putting me in a better position to negotiate our licensing agreements.
Vojta BorovianDesktop and Mobile Communications Manager

Realize your effective license position

Finally, a solution that helps you avoid the risks inherent in letting your hardware and software run rogue. Eliminate unused software licenses, drive immediate license savings, and convert your complex license data into an accurate effective-license position.

Get the most from your software assets

See if Ivanti can help you cut costs