License Optimizer for ServersTake Software Asset Management (SAM) into the data center.

How it works

Look closer at how you can increase visibility in the data center.

Data center discovery—simplified. Reduce the cost/risk exposure of your most critical business applications.


The average business only utilizes 35% to 38% of the software they pay for. Hear how to start your license optimization.


Be More Aware Of Your Software Position

Ivanti License Optimizer for Servers enables you to quickly see through data center complexity to manage your IT investments better, driving cost savings and efficiencies. The solution identifies and manages software assets for on-premise and hybrid cloud virtualization environments, including VMware, Hyper-V, Oracle VM, and IBM Power Virtualization.

The solution’s scanning and data collection capabilities create greater visibility for continuous software license optimization.

Stop guessing what assets you have and how to manage them

Convert your complex license data into an accurate effective-license position against the current license terms of each of your vendors.

Confidence in your software discovery

Spending on data center software reached $175 billion in 2016.* Isn't it time someone took notice? Start maximizing the performance and value of your software.

Gain a clear understanding of complicated vendor software license challenges for cloud, server, and data center-based products.
Uncover high-value infrastructure software assets from vendors like Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM.
Benefit from human expertise in license, contract, software asset management, license compliance, legal, and vendor audits that technology can’t provide.

Agentless discovery

No temporary or third-party software.

CMDB support

Discovery that supports your configuration management database.

Microsoft, Oracle, and IBM discovery

Deep scanning of vendor-specific products.

Global software library

Encompasses hundreds of thousands of titles to normalize information into a single view.

Solving your complex software asset management challenges

SAM tools to help solve those complex vendor licensing challenges you've been avoiding with transformational insights into your IT investments.

Transform how you manage your software

Manage even your most complex license agreements