Host Connectivity (powered by Wavelink)Mobile enablement of host applications so workers can move your business forward.

Terminal Emulation

Wavelink TE is used on more mobile devices than any other telnet client.
VelocityCE offers a fast-rendering, mobile web browsing experience.

Web App Connectivity

Learn why CETerm is the recommended mobile interface for SAP applications.

Access applications from all your mobile devices

Work gets done in every area of your warehouse. So why not give workers the tools to complete tasks anywhere on the floor? Access to host and web apps unleashes the most from your mobile computing hardware—leveraging your technology investments.

From Terminal Emulation to our Industrial Browser, CETerm, Studio, and more, our portfolio of host-connectivity solutions empowers you.

The power of productivity

This white paper outlines five reasons you should select Wavelink TE as part of your mission-critical enterprise mobility solution. Here's a closer look at how the solution is adding value to a new generation of mobile deployments.

Host-connectivity solutions bring your enterprise systems to the point of productivity

From inventory to picking, receiving to cross-docking, your workers execute tasks everywhere on the floor—and beyond. Our host-connectivity solutions help them navigate tasks while leveraging the advanced data-capture technologies available in your chosen mobile devices—and interface with all leading systems—including SAP, Oracle, and Manhattan.

Works with your enterprise systems
The most comprehensively compatible host-connectivity solutions.
Industry-standard technologies
No proprietary network protocols here. Just straightforward, high-performing telnet and web platforms.
Get the most from your mobile devices
Device-tailored clients deliver host connectivity that leverages the power of your mobile devices.

Roll up cumulative enhancements

Customization carries forward to new devices/platforms.

Powerful scripting

Add functions such as smart calculations beyond those provided by the host app.

Session persistence

ConnectPro ensures productivity beyond Wi-Fi range.

Fast-rendering web apps

Eliminate delays caused by slow browser-screen presentation.

Host connectivity everywhere work is being done

Our host connectivity solutions enable your workers to access the systems they need and capture the data necessary to complete tasks. Give them the power to work anywhere your business needs them.

Move business forward

Get mobile enablement of host applications