Endpoint SecurityLinux Security Patching, Windows Patching, Application Control, Device Control and Antivirus from a single web-based console

Endpoint Security and Control

Take control of your endpoints and get the security you need without expensive, hard-to-manage point products from multiple vendors.

Learn From the Experts

Never miss a Patch Tuesday update. We make sure you're always up to date.

Endpoint Security 101

Learn how to protect your endpoints proactively as exploits evolve. See how.
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Manage more with less

Get a comprehensive solution to reduce complexity, cost, and chaos

Relying on multiple, point-based endpoint security technologies? Then you already know how this impacts IT time and budget, while opening the door to security gaps between solutions.

Ivanti Endpoint Security, powered by Heat, reduces the known exploitable surface area on your endpoints, detects exploits targeting your environment, and responds to threats before they can wreak havoc on your organization. And all of this takes place in one platform. 

A Unified Approach to Security is Just Plain Better

Prevention, detection, and remediation are all critical to protecting your organization, so why manage them in separate, severed tools? Free up IT, reduce human error, and harden your security stance when you can do it all in a single solution.


Minimize your attack surface. Lock down unauthorized use of devices and stop the execution of unknown apps.


You can’t always plan for zero-day attacks, but you can get ahead of them faster with discover and protection capabilities in one console.

Response and Remediation

You’ve been breached. Now what? Respond faster when you can remediate configurations on the fly.

Proactive Approach

Reduce your attack surface, detect threats, and respond to malware with a single solution. No need to get a new point product every time a new attack makes the news.

Immense security. One solution.

Raise the security bar. A single-vendor solution is not just easier to manage, it also reduces security gaps common when using multiple security solutions.

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