DESKTOPNOW(powered by AppSense)Cut desktop TCO, streamline desktop management, improve user experience.

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6 Reasons to Get User Experience Right

The really critical things to know before desktop and app personalization.

Why Ivanti for VDI

How user personalization performs and adds value.


Save an average of 40% on server hardware

Ivanti DesktopNow Plus (powered by AppSense) is a workspace management solution that helps you simplify desktop deployment and administration, reduce IT costs and secure endpoints.

With DesktopNow Plus, you can deliver a personalized, compliant desktop regardless of user location or device. The solution also eases herculean IT tasks like Windows 10 migration and enables secure file sync, sharing, and data access.

Sharp Healthcare: "It becomes an end-user satisfaction thing."

See how Sharp Healthcare is now delighting their users. Why are they "really impressed and excited?"

Simplify security and desktop management

With DesktopNow Plus, you reap the benefits of these products: Application Manager, Environment Manager, Performance Manager, File Director, and Insight. Manage the solution from a central management console. 

DesktopNow Plus eases desktop deployment and management by separating user data from the desktop for seamless portability.
IT and end users agree that a great desktop experience delivers business value.


Migrate profile data between OS.

Ensure trust

Stop malware and ransomware.

File security

Secure file sync and access.


Vastly increase server density.

What we’re doing with DesktopNow Plus, we are on par with the most tech-advanced players in our space. DesktopNow Plus is everything that we were promised it would be, and I am really happy with it.
Robert AllenIT Director Infrastructure and Security

Transform the desktop and your users' experience

With DesktopNow Plus, you can deliver responsive, secure desktops that users love, save money on servers, manage users more effectively, and reduce endpoint security risk.

Simplify desktop administration

Improve the user experience