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The 7 best practices for resolving emerging challenges in endpoint management.

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Overcoming the top 5 challenges to Windows 10 adoption.

Automate Endpoint Management

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A typical IT organization today must support at least four different operating environments, each with unique configurations, applications, services, and security protocols. According to IT managers, the need to support multi-device architectures ranks among the top three challenges in supporting user productivity. (EMA Research). Now, with influx of more endpoints and operating systems, automating endpoint management becomes even more critical.

Let automation work for you. Ivanti DSM (powered by HEAT Software) helps IT organizations manage and secure endpoints across their lifecycle to empower user productivity and enable improved business performance at reduced cost.

Bilfinger SE: 35,000 clients and "I can't remember the last time we had a complaint about client and server management."

Find out how Bilfinger SE manages and secures their growing IT infrastructure with DSM and an extremely small IT staff.

Manage the entire software lifecycle with DSM. It’s fully automated, fast and convenient. And IT can focus on providing strategic value to the business.

Manage complex endpoint environments through policies, report on and remediate operational problems and ensure your infrastructure is kept up to date and protected against vulnerabilities.

Software Packaging & Scripting Engine
Ivanti DSM features integrated packaging capabilities that automate packaging of operating systems, applications, system configurations, drivers and more with easy to use packaging and scripting wizards without the need to rely on 3rd party packaging tools.
Software Lifecycle Management
Ivanti DSM fully automates software provisioning, configuration and remediation tasks to efficiently manage physical and virtual endpoints across their lifecycle. From initial installation to retirement – Ivanti DSM has you covered.
Policy-based management
Ivanti DSM features policy-based management, with which IT departments can not only save time, but also respond quicker to changing requirements. Compliance is monitored automatically, and any exceptions to the predetermined policies are flagged immediately so that IT can take necessary actions.

Multi-platform Endpoint Management

Native integration with both Windows and Mac management frameworks and technologies, enabling standardized management across all platforms.

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Software Packaging and Deployment

Automate packaging of operating systems, applications, system configurations, drivers and more with easy to use packaging and scripting wizards.

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Imaging / OS Deployment

Automatically package operating system, drivers, and configuration zero-touch imaging and migrate to automate new OS system migrations.

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Patch Management

Identify and patch vulnerabilities across heterogeneous OSes, configurations, and all major 3rd party applications.

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Remote Control

Remotely access and control all systems on the network.

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User Profile Migration

Automated backup and migration of user states for all users on a device to improve employee productivity.

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Configuration Management

Prepackaged configuration templates for firewalls, security settings, service configurations, local password changes and more.

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Citrix / Server Management

Synchronize server configurations and utilize ready-to-use packages for OS and Citrix XenApp components to eliminate inconsistent software states and configurations that endanger availability.

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With DSM a small staff can manage and provide updates to a large number of clients and servers.
Riaan van der WesthuizenInfrastructure Architect

Experience the Power of Automation

Explore how DSM automatically packages and deploys software and operating systems, patches vulnerabilities, and efficiently manages Windows OS migrations, virtual environments, Citrix server farms, and more.

Empower users, enable improved business performance

Automate, manage and secure your endpoints