Asset ManagerStop wasting money. Get the complete picture of your IT software and hardware assets.


See how you can improve efficiency, reduce IT support, and lower maintenance costs with a single tool.
Can your ex-employees still log into Salesforce? Stop them.


Avoid these asset management missteps that could cost your organization thousands.


Total asset optimization

Asset Manager tracks your IT assets to make them work harder for you. The solution's configurable design helps you define and follow your own workflows, or implement out-of-the-box processes.

Whether managing software, hardware, server, client, virtual, or cloud assets, you gain a complete view of your IT asset management position. Plus, Asset Manager is available on-premise and in the cloud to fit your organization's needs.

Work your assets

Your IT environment is a complex machine of working “parts” that require updates, maintenance, and refreshing. Tracking those “parts”, or IT assets, from purchase to disposal ensures they’re optimized. Watch our fancy video. You'll learn everything you need to know...for basically everything.

Make sure your ex-employees can't mess with you

Gain at-a-glance information on managed assets—where they are and how they’re used—to make the most of your IT investments.

Improve efficiency
Automated processes and workflows help to save time and reduce resources dedicated to managing your assets.
Curb overspend
Reduce downtime, increase productivity, and gain an accurate picture of your IT environment for better decision making.
Reduce risk
Avoid financial risks and security threats, reduce theft and loss, install updates, and ensure your assets are used appropriately.

Simple lifecycle tracking

Track software and hardware from purchase through retirement.

Automated workflows

Access built-in processes like onboarding and offboarding, software audit, and more.

Painless integration

Whether Ivanti, SCCM, ServiceNow, Remedy, or others, connect discovery, servers, and endpoints to service agreements.

Barcode scanning

Identify and update assets through the Workspaces app.

The strength of this solution is its total focus on the user, high-speed responsiveness and the ability to increase productivity.
It has enabled the fully integrated management of our IT resources.
Enabled us to broaden our approach to asset management from simple inventory into an automated, end-to-end solution.
The solution has been very well received by users, especially the part related to software distribution.
Daniele Vitelli, IT Project Manager
Troika Dialog
Alexey Katrich, Chief Information Officer
West Berkshire Council
Paul Bartlett, ICT Technical Project Manager
Daniele Vitelli, IT Project Manager

Strategic IT asset management

It’s time you stop with the firefighting and start being strategic with your IT asset management. Having insight into where your assets are, how much they’re costing you, and how they’re performing throughout their lifecycle—we’re talking cradle to grave—gives you the edge you need to make your assets work harder for you.