Asset IntelligenceReclaim unused licenses, stay in compliance, anticipate true-ups, and curb IT overspend.


Software compliance has never been easier. Asset Intelligence gives you an unmatched understanding of your IT assets.
Will you be ready for the next audit? 78% of organizations aren't ready.


Don't wait to get audited. Prepare now with this 10-step plan.


See your assets more clearly

Ivanti Asset Intelligence, powered by LANDESK, discovers what hardware and software exists in your environment, tracks usage, and identifies areas where your IT assets can work harder.

You can reclaim unused licenses and reallocate software to reduce IT spend. Plus, with compliance management software, you can share timely information with auditors verifying compliance to ensure you survive your next software audit.

The feature that saved Sealed Air a lot of money

Packaging company Sealed Air needed an ITAM solution, but they didn't expect that Asset Intelligance would help them save nearly $1 million dollars. How did they do it? Click the button to find out.

Most organizations spend too much on software licenses

Managing your IT assets can be a complex and challenging process. If not done properly, you’re sure to encounter penalties from non-compliance, financial threats, and a loss in productivity. But most importantly, IT asset management will probably show you that you're spending too much money on software licenses.

Survive software audits
Avoid fines and penalties, true-up costs, legal fees, and negative publicity.
Reduce IT asset overspend
Reclaim unused software licenses for redeployment. Get accurate data that gives you an advantage when negotiating with vendors.
Automate asset discovery and tracking
Stop typing in spreadsheets. Automatically import, inventory, and track your hardware and software assets with Asset Intelligence.

Automatic discovery

Discover and inventory hardware and software connected to your corporate network.

B2B connectors

Automatically import and track asset purchase information from third-party vendors.

Software license monitoring

Monitor software usage and licensing to get and stay compliant.

Valuable reclamation

Harvest unused software licenses automatically to reduce IT spend.

Not long after we had [Ivanti] up and running, one of our biggest software vendors announced an audit. When we sent them our inventory report, which was in line with our enterprise agreement, they didn't even bother to hold the audit.
It saves us money by allowing us to recapture unused software licenses. Inventory scanning is crucial.
A user requested an application with a $1,500 licensing fee. I searched and discovered two unused licenses. So the first time we used the solution, we saved $3,000.
It gives me more confidence in our overall numbers, putting me in a better position to negotiate our licensing agreements.
Douglas LeBlanc, Technology Director
N.E.W. Customer Services Company, Inc.
Judy Brown, Senior Manager of IT Support
Sun National Bank
Gregory Pentz, Business Systems Liaison
Kelly-Moore Paints
Vojta Borovian, Corporate Desktop and Mobile Communications Manager

Worry-free asset control

Asset Intelligence will help you avoid the risks involved with letting your hardware and software run rogue. You can eliminate unused software licenses, drive immediate license savings, and ensure audit preparedness.