Application Control for SCCMStop malware and ransomware. Add value to SCCM.


Improve application access control.
Secure your desktops immediately. And get more out of SCCM.


Enable per-device license control.

Reduce endpoint security risk and control application use

Ivanti Application Control for Microsoft (SCCM) reduces endpoint security risks and adds value to SCCM application control and endpoint security functions, thanks to Trusted Ownership™ features and highly granular privilege management.

Configure and deploy desktop security configurations via SCCM to protect endpoints. Use System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) to gather Application Manager events and auditing details.

Save users from themselves

Ensure that unknown code and applications introduced by end users are prevented automatically from launching. And do it in the background so your users don't mind.

Less risk, more control

Get tools to save users from themselves. Enforce application policies "out of the box." Control app execution based on user context. Remove admin rights without revolt. Even enforce license access restrictions.    

Reduce risk
Reduce security risk without constraining users by removing users’ administrative rights and controlling privileges.
Comply with software licensing agreements while providing users with the applications they need to do their jobs.
Control the IT-approved apps a user can execute based on context, such as location, time of day, and device type.
Policy engine

App access based on user context.

License control

Control app access per user.


Save configs to SCCM.

Ensure trust

Install only IT-approved apps.

Without Application Control, we’d have to apply our most restrictive policies to every user.
Application Manager allows us to maintain very tight control over the applications running on our network.
We no longer need to worry about students downloading dangerous files from their USBs.
Application Manager helps us keep our infrastructure secure and stable at all times.
Nationwide Children’s Hospital
Jake Muszynski, Systems Engineer
National Blood Authority
Neil Hogg, IT General Manager
St. Andrew’s Catholic College
Damon Thompson, ICT Manager
Swiss Re
Blake Sweet, VP, Global IT

Trust, but verify

Application Control for SCCM controls the apps that users can install and run, so you can be more efficient, secure, and compliant.

Application Control for SCCM