Eliminate print servers.

PrinterLogic is the world's leading Enterprise Printer Management solution for server-less remote site printer deployments. With more than 1,500 customers in over 120 countries, PrinterLogic enables organizations of all sizes to eliminate print servers. PrinterLogic's single integrated printer management platform is an on-premise web application that simplifies the management, migration, and deployment of printers while drastically reducing cost.


Our mantra at PrinterLogic is to Eliminate Print Servers. With PrinterLogic, IT gets rid of the headaches and cost associated with buying, upgrading and managing print servers. In addition, IT no longer has to deal with print-related WAN traffic jamming up the network or the single point of failure that interrupts printing if a print server goes down. The end user also benefits in many ways. Through our self-installation portal the end user can easily add a printer from anywhere in the organization. This almost completely eliminates printer-related help desk calls, significantly reducing costs. In addition, their printing experience is what it should be. Hit print and it works.