Your single version of project truth.

Juriba is a specialist developer of asset management and end-user transformation project software. Our Dashworks toolset provides unrivalled views into your user, computer, and application asset estate, bringing information from multiple sources into a single, consistent display. Our single version of the truth also helps you to plan, build, ready, and execute major transformation projects, reducing the cost, risk, and timelines of delivering the latest technologies to your users.
Founded in 2008, Juriba quickly developed a reputation for accelerating end-user readiness for Windows 10 transformation projects. Our products are used by many of the top FTSE and Fortune 100 to help project teams deliver end-user migration projects, in addition to adding significant management reporting visualization on the entire end-user asset estate for better asset management.
Juriba also helps organizations in transforming other assets, including e-mail, phones, Office 365, applications, and virtual desktops.


Dashworks simplifies all aspects of IT transformation project setup and management. The project system module imports key information about every asset and associated information to build an organizational view of your IT migration project. By utilizing Ivanti data for asset information on desktops, servers, mobile devices, and applications, the Dashworks project system can help you manage your project readiness and delivery seamlessly. Our Ivanti connector talks to your Ivanti implementation and pulls the data it needs for your project using high-speed, low-overhead data transport technology on a schedule that you define. Just supply some credentials to your Ivanti server and you'll be planning your IT migration within minutes.


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